19 Virtual Tours of Latin American Capital Cities

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Virtual walking tours can be an incredible resource for those of us who aren’t able to travel somewhere but still want to get a feel for the area. Virtual tours also serve as a learning tool for Spanish teachers, Spanish for Native speakers, geography teachers, homeschool parents, and avid travelers. 

Especially during the quarantine due to school closures, virtual tours are going to become an increasingly popular resource for bilingual parents, Spanish immersion parents, and homeschooling parents. 

In this post, I have rounded up some of my favorite walking tours- one virtual tour of each Spanish-speaking capital city in Latin America. The best way to use these is with this free printable worksheet in English and Spanish with a writing exercise and a rubric.

Download the free bilingual Latin America city tour Spanish worksheet for Spanish teachers and homeschool parents here.

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How To Use These Virtual Tours

There are so many creative ways to use these virtual walking tours of Latin American cities- whether at home or in a traditional Spanish classroom. 

  1. Watch part of the walking tour and have your students or children write down all the questions they have about what is happening. Then either answer the questions or predict the answers based on what you know about the country- or what you predict based on what you know about life in general.
  2. Play the virtual tours in the background as you are doing a classroom warmup or in your home while kids are playing or reading. They can glance up at the screen every once in a while for a brain break.
  3. Find a distinguishing characteristic from each city that rhymes with its name. Then play a capitals and country memorization game, or create a pneumonic device in Spanish for each country.
  4. For beginning Spanish students or young children, have each student say or write a list of words in Spanish that they see in the video.
  5. Use the free bilingual printable worksheet below, with a rubric, to make these videos into a classroom activity, informal assessment, or discussion session at home.
  6. For native Spanish speakers or heritage language learners, ask them what parts of the video remind them of their home countries, or ask them to share a story that either happened to them or their parents have shared with them about their home countries.

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Mexico City, Mexico

We spent three fulls days in Mexico City a few years ago on a pilgrimage to the Basilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe. We stayed in the area of La Reforma, where this video was shot- it’s so typically Mexico City that I couldn’t stop watching.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Oh my heart- I love that the marimbas in the streets are featured in this video. Quintessential San Jose in the most pura vida country in the world.

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Panama City, Panama

This video includes Panama Canal footage as well as historic Panama City.

Bogota Colombia

Set high in the mountains, this video really brings out the culture of Colombia with street vendors, music and bustling, vibrant streets.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

I first learned Spanish in Guatemala, and then spent time on an education delegation in Guatemala City. You will see sights from the Civil War and old town in this video. 

Managua, Nicaragua

Our neighbor in Costa Rica, and high on my bucket list. 

San Salvador, El Salvador

This tour is especially fun because it takes place at Christmas time.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

So much color. So many sounds. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

This tour of Old San Juan and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is awesome. I spent time here several years ago and this video perfectly sums up the Puerto Rican experience.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I especially appreciate this video of Old Santo Domingo as my daughter took her first steps at the basilica. 

La Habana, Cuba

Perfect tour of a city I can´t wait to visit. A great glimpse into daily Cuban life.

Lima, Peru

Perfectly shot on a traditionally cloudy day, notice the brightly painted buildings that give life to one of the cloudiest cities in the world. 

Join me over at my favorite place- Instagram.

Caracas, Venezuela (driving tour)

This recently shot video in Venezuela is a driving tour- do you know why? Would be interesting to discuss with your students the recent political situation in Venezuela.

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Quito, Ecuador

The density of the buildings! This would be a great compare and contrast with Bogota, given the altitude and the density.

Sucre, Bolivia

Reminds me of the Calle 13 Sin Mapa movie (free on Amazon Prime and totally worth the watch)- only in the city.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Fascinating. Everyone I know says that Uruguyans are very similar to Costa Ricans, but they are our biggest World Cup soccer enemies.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of my 2020 Bucket List picks for this decade- gorgeous. 

Santiago, Chile

Asuncion, Paraguay

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