Arenal Volcano Costa Rica against a blue cloudy sky.


You need to go to Costa Rica. 

You’ve been thinking about your next vacation. You’ve heard Costa Rica is the place to go. 

And you got on the internet and in the Facebook groups and got completely overwhelmed by all the possible locations. Manuel Antonio or Tamarindo?  Monteverde or La Fortuna? Rent a car? Ride a bus?  

Let me help you. I will answer all your questions as they pertain to your unique situation.

Looking for the best food off the beaten path? The hotels that definitely have a crib? Where in the world you can book so both your mom and your teenager have fun?  I can help!


I’m Christa- Costa Rica EXPERT.

No really. Since 2001 I have been traveling to, living in, and obsessing over the land of Pura Vida.

I’m qualified to give you Costa Rica travel advice because I’ve:

Costa Rican Beach with rocky tide pools.


It’s simple- you determine how much time you need with me and you can ask me anything you want about traveling through Costa Rica. Maybe you just want 15 minutes to make sure your ideas are on track.

Maybe you have no idea where to start and you need an hour. Fine! You’ll just book the amount of time you want. 

Then, we’ll find a time to video chat and we will get your trip planned. 

I love Costa Rica, and I want to make sure you have the best time while you are there- whatever that means for you. I’ve got no hidden agenda, no extra sales, just a love of Costa Rica and a ton of experience guiding and traveling in-country. 

Let’s do it! 

My store is currently under construction- please e-mail me and we can get started.