Big List Of Free Spanish Language Printables For All Ages

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Anyone else really missing the Spanish teacher during this whole quarantine business? Sometimes you just want to print a piece of paper and do an activity like back in the day, but when you don’t know basic Spanish and are trying to help out your Spanish learner, well, things get messy. 

Online activities to learn Spanish are awesome- don’t get me wrong. Learning Spanish online is great. Watching PBS Kids and Netflix in Spanish is too. Watching songs in Spanish on YouTube can provide hours of entertainment.

But there’s nothing like a Spanish workbook or a Spanish coloring page. We know that putting pencil to paper helps kids learn, and we know that bilingual kids have the smartest brains in the world. 

That’s why I ‘ve rounded up these free Spanish language printable resources from around the internet- to keep Spanish going over the summer, during school closures, quarantine and any other time you just need an extra does of Spanish learning for your kids!

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Disney Coloring Sheets

We love Disney movies because all of the Spanish language translations are so well done. Disney spends a lot of time and money making sure it’s content is popular in Latin America, and the translations are second to none. Here are some of our favorite coloring sheets from Disney movies:

PBS Kids Coloring Sheets

We recently learned that we can access many of our favorite PBS Kids shows in Spanish. And we love it. Here are some of the coloring sheets that go with the PBS Kids episodes available in Spanish:

Spanish Activity Printables

These Spanish printables are so easy to just print and. From numbers to colors to synthesis writing activities with rubrics, these activity printables provide a little bit of everything. 

Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary Printables

You can’t be fluent in Spanish if you don’t know vocabulary and grammar. The bummer is, those fluency skills are the first to go. These printables will make sure your kids keep their Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

Know what else is a fun way to reinforce Spanish culture at home? Cooking! Check out our page of Authentic Costa Rican recipes to try at home with your kids. 

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