Adventure Inn Costa Rica Airport Hotel

Adventure Inn Family Hotel Costa Rica.

The Adventure Inn Costa Rica airport hotel is just minutes from the SJO airport with free transportation and complimentary breakfast- perfect for any traveler! Receive 10% off your booking at Adventure Inn Costa Rica airport hotel with a special code from us!

Adventure Inn Family Hotel Costa Rica

Adventure Inn Costa Rica Airport Hotel in San Jose

One of the big conundrums about traveling to the San Jose, Costa Rica airport is the fact that, unless your flight gets in really early in the day, most travel plans do not allow time to drive directly to your first Costa Rica destination directly after arrival- this is especially true if you are renting a car after landing. (This is not true for the Liberia airport, where it is totally feasible to land and be at a beach destination such as Playa del Coco within 20-30 minutes).

This means most travelers need a great airport hotel for just one night- either upon arriving in San Jose or just before departure. While there are a host of chain options, I love to stay in places that are quintessential Costa Rican. Upon arrival, I can hardly wait for a cold Imperial and a perfect Costa Rican breakfast of gallo pinto, and when we leave, I want to hang on to the Pura Vida spirit for as long as possible.

So when I found out about Adventure Inn Costa Rica airport hotel I was super excited. While there are so many great local airprot hotels, Adventure Inn stands way out above the crowd because it’s efficiency, clean and a great price- plus you get 10% off if you book through Pura Vida Moms!

On our most recent trip to Costa Rica we stayed at the Adventure Inn on our first night as complimentary guests of the hotel, and on the last night of our trip we went back to the hotel as paid because we had such a great time there!

Adventure Inn Airport Hotel SJO

Customer Service At Adventure Inn

I booked our stay directly with Adventure Inn, which allows the hotel to keep prices low since big online booking agencies  take about a 25% commission. The first time I booked the hotel online, and instantly received confirmation of my stay along with airport transportation and rental car information via email. I did not pay anything until I arrived at the hotel- and there is a cash discount.

When we booked the last night, I had to call the hotel because I didn’t have internet and I’d put off making a reservation until the day before we left. I was absolutely floored by the level of customer service -the woman on the phone was bilingual and efficient. She was able to pull up record of my last stay immediately and gave me a return customer rate, booked my airport shuttle, and gave me an additional discount on the room for paying in cash. I honestly can’t remember a time I had such amazing customer service.

I also loved when I arrived the first night at the hotel, the man who worked the front desk greeted me by name and with a huge smile. Again, he answered all of our questions- even giving us several smart options for how to get our rental car and where to store luggage that didn’t need to go to the room- like car seats and strollers.

How Do I Get From the Airport to Adventure Inn?

I abhor arriving to a destination with two kids, three suitcases, and no idea how I am going to safely get to the first hotel. I also really despise waiting for transport once we have landed and gone through customs and immigration. I loved Adventure Inn because they emailed me specific and simple instructions for how to get to the hotel without having to wait around. They contract with a service called Interbus, and when we landed, we went to the kiosk in the baggage claim and the Interbus representative helped us take our bags through the final customs check and took us right to the bus and loaded our bags. It was so easy- and included in the price of the room. The hotel also offers full reimbursement on taxi and Uber fare if you land on a red eye flight.

On the way to the airport, Adventure Inn Costa Rica airport hotel has buses that leave every hour to the airport. In our case, that transport was full, so they sent us a private taxi at the time we needed to leave.Since we had to depart before breakfast service at 6 am, the hotel sent us four breakfast boxes to go- and the food was delicious! The whole experience was absolutely seamless, efficient and simple.

Rooms at Adventure Inn

I’m sure you are curious about the accommodations at Adventure Inn- I mean, all the customer service in the world can’t fix a bad room. Not to worry- the rooms were awesome. We stayed in two different rooms, and both were spacious and impeccably clean. And when I say impeccably clean- I mean it. No bugs, no stray hairs from the last guest, no weird smells in the pillows or comforters- the standard for cleanliness was super high.

The beds were comfortable, and there were plenty of extra pillows and blankets. The water in the shower was nice and hot, and we had access to both fan and and air conditioner right in the room. The rooms had cable tv, internet, and free international calling was included right from the phone in our room. I also loved the the hotel was flexible with us on check in and check out times since we had alternate schedules and needed our girls to be able to nap there on one occasion. I also appreciated that the hotel was quiet- super quiet. There were even signs for quiet hours that were respected when we were there.

There’s also a great swimming pool at Adventure Inn, and we spent several hours splashing and playing in the sun- it was gorgeous!

Rooms at Adventure Inn SJO

What is the food like at Adventure Inn?

As a total Costa Rican foodie, when I’m back in Costa Rica I never want to waste an opportunity to eat really delicious Costa Rican food. And let me tell you- Adventure Inn Costa Rica airport hotel did not disappoint. They have a bar/restaurant inside the hotel called the Moon Gloe, and the first night we arrived we ordered Costa Rican nachos, French fries, and of course Imperial beer. The food was super typical and the service was awesome- plus the prices were not too high. On our last night we enjoyed pizza and hamburgers, also which were delicious (clearly we were not on the healthy eating kick there, haha) and enjoyed some microbrews from Domingo 7.

Adventure Inn Costa Rica Breakfast Buffet

In the morning we enjoyed an amazing complimentary breakfast which consisted of a buffet of local fruits, all labeled with their names, and amazing baked items. There was coffee, tea and juice, and a full menu from which we could order a typical breakfast, pancakes- really anything you could imagine. We ate extremely well, which was a huge help as we got on the road for a day of travel to Jaco.

Costa Rican Typical Breakfast At Adventure Inn

Where is Adventure Inn located?

Adventure Inn Costa Rica airport hotel is about 10 minutes north of the San Jose airport, and about 4 minutes away from the rental car area. It’s just on the edge of a gated community, so the area is extremely quiet and safe. I also loved that there was a really nice mini grocery store called Trieco right at the end of the block- they had all the items we needed to get on the road, a great ATM, and a kid’s play area that our girls enjoyed while my husband and I sat outside and talked.

Save 10%  on your stay with Pura Vida Moms

Overall our experience at Adventure Inn Costa Rica Airport Hotel was honestly perfect-and I will be singing their praises for years to come. It will be our new go-to airport hotel in San Jose Costa Rica because it is efficient, clean, quiet and priced right! Make sure to book your stay today-and remember that Pura Vida Moms readers get 10% off their stay! Rooms start at around $100 a night.

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