Top 100 Activities in Spanish For Bilingual Parents

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Bilingual parenting can be exhausting, and you need a village to keep your kids entertained. That’s where this amazing list of 100 activities in Spanish for kids comes in. You’ll have hours upon hours of great Spanish language content all from this list!  

activities in spanish for kids

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We all know that raising bilingual kids is a lot of work! Thankfully with the advent of technology, it’s now easier than ever to provide our children with exposure to both languages starting at birth.

Whatever your bilingual situation, speaking one language is sooooo last generation. So let’s boost language development 100 ways with my favorite resources. (Oh yeah, and who said Spanish is a foreign language anyway?)

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Spanish Language Book Sellers

two books in Spanish about animals
  1. Books del sur– If you’ve been following me even a little bit you know how much I love Books del sur. These books are authentic Spanish literature imported fro Latin America. The books are all in Spanish- not bilingual. Company owner and bilingual mom Heather Robertson-Devine curates the collection based on her extensive experience as a bilingual elementary school teacher. 
  2. Lorito Books– Based in my home city of Denver is Lorito Books, a woman-owned book company with a great collection of bilingual books and books in Spanish. The collection includes a wide range of types of books, including audiobooks and novels for adolescent readers.
  3. Lil’ Libros– This is a relatively new bilingual board book company that specializes in first bilingual books for baby. These gorgeous books introduce children to iconic Latinos such as Ritchie Valens and Frida Kahlo. A perfect first book for baby, and the absolute best baby shower gift on the planet!
  4. Booklandia– Want to outsource your bilingual book curation? I totally get it. And so does Booklandia! Bilingual mom and owner Maceo curates some of the best Spanish language and bilingual books you can find, and sends them to you in a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription that arrives right to your door.
  5. Sol Book Box– Another awesome subscription book box on the market was started by successful bilingual parents who wanted more resources for their daughters. You can choose a month-to-month option or a three-month prepay with a discount.
  6. Barefoot Books– Barefoot Books has a small collection of bilingual books in both Spanish and French. The illustrations are highly colorful and the books are relatively easy to come by. These books are translations.
  7. Cinco Books With roots on the US/Mexico border, this book company has diverse books in English, Spanish, and bilingual.
  8. International Children’s Digital Library– an online library with tons and tons of free books in Spanish for children. Bookmark this one immediately!
  9. Highlights Bilingüe– Technically a magazine, but this bilingual version of the classic highlights Magazine is a staple in our home. For ages 2-6, each magazine comes with complete English and Spanish translations, making it the perfect resource for emerging bilingual readers.

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Spanish Music Resources For Bilingual Parents

Want to learn Spanish? Just listen to music! (No, it really does work.) Here are some of my favorite resources for families.

  1. Jose Luis Orozco– any and all of Jose Luis Orozco’s bilingual music and music in Spanish is like the must-listen for bilingual kids. He’s the original bilingual children’s songwriter, and I’ve already bought two copies of his De Colores CD because we wore the first one out. Browse his collection on Amazon here.
  2. Songs In Spanish For Young Children– this is by far my most popular post, and has tons of awesome and fun videos of songs ni Spanish for young children. 
  3. Huge List of Disney Songs For Kids  – Tons of Disney Spanish songs 
  4. Little Baby Bum en español I love these classic nursery rhymes from around the world translated in Spanish. And the animations are adorable. 
  5. Top Spanish Pop Ballads– these are fun songs in Spanish that adults and kids will love. Because sometimes you just gotta listen to adult music too!
  6. 123 con Andres– this guy is too much fun! And he tours like mad so there’s a good chance he will come to a US city near you! Oh and did I mention he has a Grammy?
  7. Ozomatli– I first discovered Ozomatli in high school when their very first bilingual album came out. Since then I’ve been an avid fan of all of their albums and was so excited a few years ago when they released a kid’s album. They will often tour and do an adult concert at night and a kid’s afternoon show the next day. Their music is so fun- a fusion of cumbia, hip-hop, rock, and more.
  8. Pica Pica– this Spanish (from Spain) music channel weaves storytelling, song, and dance into a super fun experience for kids. Spanish is spoken and sung as if you were in Spain, and my kids get a kick out of recreating the lisp.
  9. Baby Radio– Grab the app and stream programming in Latin American Spanish or Spanish from Spain. Browse the rest of the website too, as there are videos, printables and more.
  10. Canticos World–  songs, books, and an app. I love that they include the nursery rhyme standards such as Los Pollitos and Elefantitos.
  11. Disney Songs in Spanish – This playlist has been a lifesaver lately. 

Looking for a bilingual parenting Facebook group? Check out BilingualWe!

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Activities in Spanish -Free Printables

Animal signs printed in English, Spanish and French
  1. Finding Dory Science Packet This was my first foray into posting Disney content, and I was thrilled when the entire packet came in Spanish! And it’s super high quality!
  2. Spanish Dresser Drawer Labels– my attempt at getting the girls to sort, fold and put away their own laundry while learning to read in Spanish. (It sort of worked!)
  3. Coco Movie Coloring Sheets– We love Coco, we love to color- and there’s really not a more fun way to talk about colors in Spanish! 
  4. Spanish Playground- I love the printable resources on Jennifer Brunk’s site, and I’ve included a link to all her Spanish printables here.
  5. Mommy Maestra– hands down the best resources for bilingual homeschooling parents, Mommy Maestra has tons of adorable free downloads in Spanish– I’m obsessed with her clip art!
  6. Spanish Mama– a dynamite Spanish teacher living in Peru, her Spanish printables are awesome. 
  7. Online Free Spanish– For when you need unfussy and easily searchable free Spanish printables.
  8. Multicultural Kid Blogs– a must follow for bilingual parents, they have tons of free printables for parents raising bilingual and bicultural kids. Check out their free printables library here.
  9. Rockalingua– Music-based Spanish learning that also has tons of print resources for bilingual parents!

Super Fun Bilingual Games 

Many board games work in any language. And there are also tons of really fun board games that are actually in Spanish. This part of the list features my very favorites.

  1. Spanish Bingo– I love to play bingo with the kids because we practice so many different types of vocabulary- commands, numbers, basic vocabulary, etc. Plus they think it’s so fun! 
  2. Bananagrams– People! There is Bananagrams in Spanish. I just discovered this and I am so excited! Side note- first time we played Bananagrams was at Rancho Margot in Costa Rica– Big Sister spelled culo. (Face palm moment).
  3. Ochos Locos– I mean, who doesn’t like Crazy Eights?
  4. Scrabble In Spanish– super fun for older kids or for an adult Mesa Espanola, right?
  5. Lunii Storyteller- The Lunii is consistently a favorite toy in our house. You can upload audio in Spanish, English, and French. It’s like audio choose your own adventure– and we have used it so much it’s almost worn out! 
  6. Richard Scary’s Busytown– This game is super awesome. It’s so big you can play it on the floor, players work in teams to win the game, and it’s based on pictures, not words. It’s been a favorite in our house and a great way to use Spanish or English depending on your language goals for the day.
  7. Spanish Syllable Tile Kit– This is like a big magnetic word game but with syllables. We’ve had so much fun leaving it on the fridge and inventing Spanish words. It’s a great activity for pre-readers to understand word sounds too. 
  8. Spot It Spanish– Another game that can be played in virtually any language, this game is a fast-paced memory game. I love it, and my kids do too! 
  9. Rory’s Story Cubes- These are dice with pictures on them. Each person can roll the dice and say a part of the story. Love that this game can be played in any language. 
  10. Guess Who– I love this game for use in the Spanish classroom and also with my kids. It’s perfect for learning adjectives and asking and answering questions. You can buy it in Spanish, but it doesn’t really matter what language you have it in as long as you are clear about what language you are going to play in!

10 Spanish Language Television Shows Kids Will Love

There are so many fun shows that have been translated- well- into Spanish. I’m listing a few of our favorites here- and I have a more extensive list, including instructions on how to easily change your Netflix audio to Spanish, on my Netflix shows in Spanish post.

collage of popular television shows for kids in Spanish
  1. El Chavo – This popular Mexican show is great for all ages. It’s silly enough for kids of all ages, and has enough double entendre to keep me laughing through every episode. A class you can watch on YouTube, Univision, or purchase on Amazon.
  2. The Magic School Bus Rides Again – This Netflix original series has a strong focus on science, and the translations are so great. Latin American Spanish.
  3. Moomins- On my most recent trip to Finland (a haven for bilingualism and nature lovers) I discovered the Moomins. Available in tons of languages, they are a super fun YouTube find! 
  4. Pocoyo– Want to add some Spanish from the Iberian Peninsula into the mix? This program from Spain is fun, and available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  5. PJ Masks– Also available in Spanish n Netflix, the Spanish in this show is super awesome.
  6. The Lion King– This Disney Junior show is super fun and I love the Spanish and the values.
  7. Little Baby Bum– For the 4 and under set, you can search YouTube or YouTube Kids for the Little Baby Bum Espanol channel. You’ll find hours of fun nursery rhymes translated to Spanish.
  8. Veggie Tales– A Christian show based on Bible stories, the Spanish in this is super super fun for kids.
  9. Sesame Street– Check Amazon Prime for episodes of Sesame Street Entirely in Spanish.  I love them.
  10. PBS Kids in Spanish– many of your favorite PBS shows are now available in Spanish. More information on how to access PBS Kids in Spanish found here. 
  11. Disney + in Spanish- I could not be more impressed with the content in Spanish on Disney +.

10 Bilingual Online Resources 

school buses with a star little baby bum you tube channel
  1. Mundo Lanugo– this interactive app is perfect for bilingual kids. It’s all in Spanish, free, there are songs and activities, and it works offline so you don’t need the internet for it. Perfect for me with no data plan. Ages 2-7 
  2. Learn Safari– A super fun app for bilingual kids and kids wanting to learn Spanish. 
  3. YouTube Kids – I keep this app on my phone because there are so many options for watching Spanish videos. Huevos sorpresa Little Baby Bum, etc.
  4. Tumble Books – The Denver Public Library allows me access to this app with my library card. Computer read audio books with visuals in English and Spanish. My kids love it! Check your library for access- I bet you have it!
  5. Bookflixs – Audiobooks in Spanish and English from Scholastic. Again- check your public library for free access. 
  6. PBS Kids Games– Public television for the win! Free games in Spanish with some of your favorite PBS characters.
  7. Duo Lingo – A fun app for your kids to mess around with. There are free and paid versions. We use it both to practice basic vocab and also for the girls to explore learning other languages.
  8. National Geographic Spanish – Endless high-quality nature videos in Spanish. Articles, and more. Such a great resource!
  9. Colorin Colorado – Games, book lists, ELL resources, teacher resources. Every bilingual parent should have Colorin Colorado bookmarked.
  10. Baby Radio – This app allows songs, podcasts, games, and more in Spanish. Romance language input in both Latin American and European Spanish.

Favorite Bilingual Parenting Articles 

Millions of people around the world are bilingual- and we know that bilingualism is so great for the brain.

I love to read about all kinds of bilingualism- from parents speaking their dominant language to their children to families whose parents’ languages are different and neither parent speaks the other’s native language. Here are some of my favorite bilingual articles from around the web. 

  1. Raising A Bilingual Child? 4 Best Language Learning Methods  – Pura Vida Moms
  2. Raising A Bilingual Child From The Very First Word – Common Sense Media
  3. The Best Of MKB Kids- Hispanic Heritage Month 2019 – Multicultural Kid Blogs 
  4. What Does Being Bilingual Really Mean? – Huffington Post 
  5. Nine Bilingual Myths That Are Crippling Your Kids – Bilingual Kids Rock
  6. FAQ- Raising Bilingual Children – Linguistic Society 
  7. How Students Acquire Social and Academic Language – ASCD
  8. How much time does my child need to be exposed to his minority language? – The Piri-Piri Lexicon 
  9. A New Rationale For Dual Immersion  – Language Magazine
  10. The Language Learning Struggle Of Bilingual Children – The Huffington Post
  11. What to do about school for your bilingual child? – Teaching For Biliteracy

Resources For Non-Native Speakers Of Spanish

If you aren’t feeling super confident in your Spanish- it’s ok! You can still successfully raise bilingual kids. Here are some of my favorite resources for parents raising bilingual kids who don’t speak much (or any!) Spanish.

  1. TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion– just set it and forget it. These classes are amazing for anyone K-12 wanting to learn Spanish with engaging instructors. Online and in-person available.
  2. Llamitas Spanish Curriculum – This online and printed curriculum for prre-K and Kindergartners is the gold standard in the industry. Run, don’t walk to purchase this set!
  3. Panda Tree– These online Spanish lessons for kids are absolutely amazing. A native speaker will do a video conference with your child to teach them Spanish. Between lessons, there are tons of activities to reinforce learning. This was a great kickstart for my 3 year-old- she didn’t want to speak Spanish, but these lessons made her feel super confident. Great for bilingual kids or kids wanting to learn Spanish. Also available in Chinese.
  4. Language Together Books– This book series has simple Spanish sentences along with a unique color-coded text structure that helps students learn to infer new words without using English. Audio of each book is also available with a QR code scan. Great for learning to read in Spanish, and perfect for Spanish 1 teachers!
  5. Facebook Group SupportNon-native Speakers Raising Bilingual Kids– this group is a great support for parents raising bilingual kids in their non-native language.
  6. WhistleFritz – this is a comprehensive program for Spanish immersion at home- even if you are learning Spanish right along with your children! I love, love, love that this program was created by experienced bilingual educators. We love:

Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids– this book has 40 lessons, activities and printables for parents or tutors to work with kids to learn Spanish. Perfect for parents who know some Spanish, but not enough to come up with their own curriculum 

La Gran Coleccion- 5 DVDs and 4 CDs (perfect for the car!) of language exposure by native speakers. Engaging and fun- perfect for parents who speak no Spanish and want their kids to learn!

-Spanish Matching Cards– These 50 cards make a super fun Spanish memory game. Our prereader is learning to recognize words and sounds, and our reader is challenging herself to make sentences with the words on the cards. This is a current family favorite!

Spanish Language Movies I Love

You know how sometimes you want to show your kids a movie in Spanish, and then it is just NOT the same? My kids will often tell me- “mami, we want this movie in English! It’s not as good in Spanish.” And I totally get it. Here are some of our favorite movies that have great Spanish translations- or are even better in Spanish.

  1. Coco– Disney/Pixar spent at much time on the Spanish version of this movie as they did the English, and it’s awesome. Don’t forget to check out our interview with the producers of Coco!
  2. Tinkerbell– Every single Tinkerbell movie has been translated so well. Just enjoy!
  3. Casi Casi– This Puerto Rican film about a group of kids who rig a high school election is pure joy. Great for us in the classroom.
  4. Sugar– this movie is bilingual. Dominican baseball player recruited to the American minors. Not for kids under 15, but sooo good. More info on Sugar from Mommy Maestra.
  5. Pedro Almovodar movies– again, teens and adults. But Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown will make you laugh for days. 
  6. The Book of Life– In Spanish, it’s awesome! 
  7. Cantinflas– The whole family will laugh at the original Mexican slapstick comic.

Spanish Podcasts For Kids 

I am just discovering Spanish podcasts for kids as a great way to give my girls language input without screen time. I haven’t tested all of these yet but they look like the best of the bunch! Still, I think this is definitely worth publishing, and if you know of any I missed please let me know so I can add them!

  1. Cuentos infantiles para todas las edades
  2. Sesame en las comunidades
  3. La biblia para niños
  4. Baby Radio
  5. Allegro Mágico- Música clásica para niños
  6. Cuentos infantiles

Other Stuff In Spanish I Love

Here’s a list of my secret Spanish stuff. What I do to keep up my own Spanish, and to find different things in Spanish for my kids. Look how we are thriving! 😉 

  1. Remezcla – best online magazine for Latin American news.
  2. Radio Ambulantepodcast about current events in Latin America. By NPR.
  3. Books in Spanish at Walmart and Sam’s Club – yeah. Check their book sections and prepare to be amazed!
  4. Bilingual activities in your city – just google Spanish activities and your city’s name. I often am amazed at what I find.
  5. Hispanic Heritage Month Google Search– so many of the best bloggers bring out their best content for HHM. I use this search term year-round.
  6. Multicultural Kid Blogs– best multicultural parenting tips on the Web.
  7. Bilingual We Facebook community – shameless self-plug for my bilingual parenting Facebook group.
  8. Real Academia Espanola – The best Spanish dictionary in the world! 
  9. Spanish Dict– My favorite Spanish translation website.
  10. Zumba for kids– kids love to dance, and Zumba has  Latin music. So by extension, culture! Find a class near you. 
  11. Traveling to Latin America– I get down there as often as I can. Of course we love Costa Rica- and we’ve got 10 awesome reasons you should visit.

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    Reina | Becoming Bilingual

    1. Hi Reina!

      I don’t think that Highlights in just in Spanish, but the sections re broken apart so you can just look at one language at a time. Which is really nice. As far as a magazine subscription just in Spanish, I can be honest that I haven’t seen one. I’ll do some research and see if I find anything in the next few days. Thanks so much for commenting! ~Christa

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