Top 10 Songs in Spanish For Young Children – The Ultimate Playlist

Kids love music- in any language! Foster bilingual skills in Spanish with this awesome You Tube playlist of songs in Spanish for young children.

Whether in your home you use music in Spanish to help support your home language plan, support a reluctant Spanish learner in a bilingual school, or reinforce repetition of vocabulary and pronunciation with a young toddler, keeping a solid playlist of age-appropriate Spanish music in your home music rotation is a must. Here’s how and why I use music to raise bilingual kids from day 1.

Wondering how to raise bilingual kids? I have the 4 main language learning methods outlined for you here. 

Why Use Music With Bilingual Kids?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I really had no idea what parenting would look like for me. What I did know, without a doubt, was that I wanted to raise a bilingual baby. That was non-negotiable.

As I thought through some of the ways to introduce baby to Spanish from day 1, I immediately went to music. I studied music in high school and college, my husband and I met dancing, and every single kid I know loves music. It seemed like a no-brainer to start with some kid-friendly CDs in Spanish.

Looking for some great Spanish television shows for young kids? Find our Netflix in Spanish list here.

What Music Should I Use?

I did a ton of research about what type of music I wanted to have in the nursery when the new baby came home. I knew I wanted kid-friendly songs that I wouldn’t get tired of. I also wanted repetitive songs that would teach pre-reading skills.

So alongside my favorite Juanes album (the Luna song is so great for kids!) and my CD of instrumental Costa Rican folksongs, I found two more CD’s that were to go on repeat during baby’s first year of life.  I purchased two CDs- Jose Luis Orozco’s De Colores (affiliate) and Songs In Spanish For Children (affiliate), and we listened to them during every changing time for the first year- and I’m not tired of them yet!

When she got a bit older, we branched out into using a bit more media, and that’s when I created this You Tube playlist of 10 favorite children’s songs in Spanish! (In no particular order- we love them all!)

Also- if you are raising bilingual kids and need a support community, join our Facebook group BilingualWe here!

Song #1

Los pollitos dicen- La gallinita pintadita: We love La Gallinita Pintadita because the animations are adorable, and the words are printed on the screen- great reinforcement for pre-and emergent readers. A cute take on a classic Spanish nursery rhyme– your kids will love it!

Song #2

El baile de la fruta- Pica Pica:  This song has been in heavy rotation at Casa Pura Vida for over a year now. At first, my kids loved the silly galleta María at the beginning of the video, but the love of the song morphed into them dancing along with the video.

I love the blend of the Pica Pica singers with actual kids, and the adivinanzas at the beginning of the song will make anyone smile.

Song #3

Yo tengo una casita- Pica Pica: We really love Pica Pica here, and this song is adorable because of the dance that goes along with it. Recently Big Sister grabbed a huge ball off of the patio and sang and danced the whole thing perfectly- it was a joy!

Know what else is essential to developing a bilingual brain? Sleep- read about how we get it here.

Song #4

Compadre cómpreme un coco- Jose-Luis Orozco: Jose Luis Orozco’s album De colores should be a staple in every Spanish-English bilingual household. This song is a great tongue-twister that will keep all ages singing until they get it right! I sing it to Little Sister every night before bed- at 17 months she chimes in every time I say “coco”- and my heart melts.

Song #5

Diez había en la cama- Little Baby Bum: The Little Baby Bum series of videos in English and Spanish are excellent for young children because they are short and repetitive.

They are also super relaxing to watch, and we will use one or two with our girls when they need to calm down, or when they are sick (learn more about technology with young bilingual children here.) I love this video as a transition to nap or nighttime sleep.

Song #6

Chocolate by Daria Music: We LOVE Daria music at Casa Pura Vida because her products are educational and fun for all ages. Her Daria Music App contains this fun song- combination alliteration and tongue twister.

Song #7

Los elefantes: This is a classic Spanish nursery rhyme that makes kids laugh. I mean, elephants balancing on a spider web? Clearly hilarious.

Song #8

Estaba la rana: This is another classic Spanish nursery rhyme that is progressive- the repetition makes it easy for children to learn the lyrics. We also listen to it while reading the book of the same name from our favorite Baby Board Book Bundle.

Song #9

La vaca lechera: Yep! You guessed it! Another classic nursery rhyme- this one is often used to teach pre-reading skills throughout Latin America, and a great song for kids entering bilingual school.

Song #10

El pollito pio: Sorry, but this song will drive parents nuts. Kids LOVE it though, and it’s perfect for a kitchen dance party!

Do you have any favorite kid’s songs in Spanish that aren’t on this list? Make sure to share them with us, and subscribe to us on You Tube to keep up with all our favorite music playlists and original content!

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    October 29, 2016 at 10:02 am

    Hola! Yo también soy de Costa Rica y recientemente publiqué canciones en español también! Te invito a conocerlas en Mi canción de colores está completa en mi página de Facebook! Si la quisieras agregar a esta lista te agradecería montones! Pura vida!

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