10 Spanish Kid’s Songs- The Ultimate Playlist

Baby listening to popular children's songs in Spanish with pink headphones.

Kids love music- in any language! These Spanish songs for kids will make learning Spanish fun for everyone! 

Raising bilingual kids is a lot of work! Bilingualism is also one of the most important gifts we can give our children- so it’s important to have good resources for each stage of the language learning journey.

This Youtube playlist includes songs that are perfect for young children (5 and under) whose parents speak Spanish at home and love to sing. It’s also a great playlist for Spanish 1 teachers to use with their Spanish classes. The songs are simple enough to pick up quickly so a Spanish learner can easily work on pronunciation skills.

In this post, I’ll share with you a few of my favorite traditional Spanish nursery rhymes, as well as a few tips for using Spanish to help raise your bilingual baby!

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baby listening to popular childrens songs in spanish with pink headphones

Why Use Music With Bilingual Kids?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I really had no idea what parenting would look like for me. What I did know, without a doubt, was that I wanted to raise a bilingual baby- and that meant I had to teach Spanish at home. There are so many benefits to bilingualism, and it’s a lot easier to learn two languages from birth than when you are in your 20’s (like I did). 

As I thought through some of the ways to introduce baby to Spanish from day 1, I immediately went to music. Even for people who are only speaking one language at home, it’s still easy to add Spanish songs to help with language development. 

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Music is soothing to the brain, it’s repetitive to children are hearing the same sounds over and over, and it helps with early reading skills. Plus- it was fun for me, as a native English language speaker,  to learn new nursery rhymes in Spanish along with my kids. Many of these songs are traditional folk songs in Spanish that we still sing in the car.

I also loved using music because it took the pressure off of me having to talk to the kids all the time when they were babies all the time. I could just sing along to the songs as I changed their diapers or dressed them. Or I could just be quiet for a bit which was also always nice. 

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baby with pink headphones listening to kids spanish songs

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How To Use This Spanish Kid’s Songs Playlist

Here are a few ways you can use this playlist:

#1: You can come back to this post over and over and check the songs. 🙂

#2: You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and just add the playlist to your account so it’s there whenever you are listening to music on your device

#3: You can order some of my favorite CDs to have when you are offline. The ones I used most when the kids were really little are: 

I love these for in the car and in the kitchen when I am cooking. I also had a little CD player in the girls’ rooms when I changed their diapers or got them ready for nap when they were babies. 

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**A note on Jose Luiz Orozco- Jose Luis Orozco is a fully bilingual folk song artist from the United States. Both of his native languages are English and Spanish. He grew up in California where his parents spoke the minority language (Spanish) and he grew up speaking English (majority language).  

His music is the ultimate American Bilingual folk music, and bilingual preschool programs across the country use his songs. He’s created the quintessential soundtrack to growing up bilingual in the US, and his CDs are indispensable for bilingual parents. 

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Resource Guide for Spanish Immersion Students During School Closures

Without further ado- our favorite Children’s songs in Spanish. All of these videos are appropriate for kids to watch, and all of the songs can stand alone to learn without visuals as well. 

10 Spanish Kid's Songs- The Ultimate Playlist

This list of children's songs in Spanish is the perfect resource for any parent who wants their child to learn more Spanish.

Do you have any favorite kid’s songs in Spanish that aren’t on this list? Make sure to share them with me in the comments below! Also- join our bilingual parenting mailing list for updates on new posts

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