Huge List of Disney Songs For Kids

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Like almost every bilingual parent, I am constantly looking for authentic, fun Spanish language input for my kids. Although we only speak Spanish at home, there are definitely times when I need to bring in the whole village for some extra support. Thus this list of Spanish Disney songs for kids was born!

We are big Disney fans, as they take a ton of extra time to make sure their translations are top-notch. If there is a Disney animated film or live-action that my kids want to see and I can get my hands on the DVD or it’s on Disney+, then I trust the content so much. We just switch the language input to Spanish and go! 

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For example, one of our favorite Disney movies is Coco- and they have an entire star-studded cast of Mexican actors as the voices (I adore Gabriel Garcia Bernal). And all the songs are done by famous Mexican artists like Marco Antonio Solis and Carlos Rivera.

Anther movie series the girls love is Tinkerbell, and the voices and music are done as well, (if not better) than the original songs. Long gone are the days of terrible Spanish subtitles or bad dubbing- thank you, Disney!

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How To Use Disney Songs in Spanish

There are so many ways to use this playlist to reinforce Spanish language at home. We know that language input can be passive or active, and the song list helps me do both depending on what my kids need at the time. A few ideas:

  1. Play these songs, audio-only, on your tv or speakers during a time when kids are playing or coloring. This is a passive activity- they are hearing lots of Spanish but not expected to produce anything if they don’t want to. This is great for when kids refuse to speak Spanish at home.
  2. Watch the music videos as a family, and after each one, talk about the characters you see, the background, etc- in Spanish. This is an active activity that helps the kids build vocabulary and conversation skills.
  3. Sing along! Once you’ve seen the movies or the music videos a million times or heard the songs a trillion times, just sing along. Encourage your kids to ask you the definitions or translations for words they aren’t familiar with.
  4. If you are feeling extra, or you are a Spanish teacher, you can grab the lyrics for the songs and remove some of the words. Students have to listen and add the missing words. Here’s an example of the technique from Valentine’s Day

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Disney Movie Songs – In Spanish

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Lion King – Can You Feel The Love Tonight? / El rey león – Se siente el amor esta noche

One of the greatest Disney songs of all time. I almost don’t miss Elton John. Almost. 

The Lion King- Circle of Life / El rey león – El círculo de la vida

The Lion King – Hakuna Matata / El rey león Hakuna Matata

The Lion King – I Just Can’t Wait To Be King / El rey león- Quisiera ser el rey

Pocahontas Colors of the Wind – Pocahontas Los colores del viento

Pocahontas – Around the River Bend – Pocahontas Por la vuelta del río

Snow White – Whistle While You Work / Blanca Nieves Canción Tonta

Mulan – I’ll Make a Man Out Of You / Mulán – Yo Te Hago Ser Un Hombre

Aladdin – Friend Like Me / Aladín – Un amigo fiel

Aladdin – A Whole New World / Aladín – Un mundo ideal

Sleeping Beauty – Once Upon A Dream / La bella durmiente – Una vez un sueño

Cinderella- A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes / La Cenicienta – Un sueño es un deseo

The Little Mermaid- Kiss The Girl / La sirenita – Bésala

This version actually does Howard Ashman justice. 

Little Mermaid – Part Of Your World / La Sirenita – Parte de tu mundo

Little Mermaid – Under the Sea / La Sirenita -Bajo el mar

Frozen – Let It Go / Libre Soy

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Frozen 2 -The Unknown / Mucho más allá

Moana – How Far I’ll Go / Cuan lejos voy

Moana – You’re Welcome / De nada

Coco – Un Poco Loco

Coco – Proud Corazón / El latido de mi corazón

Coco – La Llorona

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Coco- Recuérdame

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Elena of Avalor – It’s My Time /Es la hora

Elena of Avalor – Ready To Rule – Un Día reinarás con saber

Tangled – The Light in You / Enredada – Veo en ti la luz

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Beauty and the Beast Theme Song / La bella y la bestia

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Tinkerbell  Believe / Campanita Cree y atrévete

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