25 Best Bilingual Parenting Blogs

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Pura Vida Moms isn’t the only bilingual parenting blog out there! 

The community of bilingual family bloggers has so much to offer, and I love getting to check out everyone’s insights and experiences. There are heaps of resources, tips, and activities to investigate on these blogs, and I encourage you all to visit them!

I’ve rounded up some of the best bilingual parenting blogs available today- not necessarily all from Spanish-speaking countries either. They aren’t in any particular order, but #1 might look a liiiitle familiar! 😉

Making language flash cards for fundamental words; apple, lemon, peach, melon, grape and orange.

Pura Vida Moms

Okay, Okay, shameless plug time! In my totally unbiased opinion, Pura Vida Moms is pretty darn awesome. 🙂 We offer bilingual parenting advice and resources, travel destinations, and delicious recipes all in one site– pretty convenient, eh? 🙂

Alright, back to objectivity! 

Multilingual Parenting

Founded by language enthusiast and author Rita Rosenback in 2012, Multilingual Parenting offers strategies for raising multilingual families. Be sure to check out her book, Bringing up a Bilingual Child, for a fantastic education guide!

Multicultural Kid Blogs

Founded on principles of inclusivity and cultural awareness, Multicultural Kids Blogs compiles articles from all over the globe and across multiple languages designed to help educators and guardians raise a tolerant, compassionate generation of children. 

Bilingual KidSpot

Bilingual KidSpot offers a wealth of resources and tips to maximize your child’s bilingual ability. There is even a slate of articles developed by speech professionals available to read!

Bilingual Monkeys

Created by Japan-based father and educator, Adam Beck, Bilingual Monkeys has tons of tips and tricks for raising bilingual children… even when life can be a bit ~bananas~!

Spanish Mama

This beautifully designed Spanish blog offers insights on everything from language education to Hispanic culture. Elizabeth, the titular Spanish Mama, is an encouraging and informative guide through the journey of raising children bilingually. She’s also a Spanish teacher with an incredible Teacher Pay Teachers Store that you must check out. I’d say she’s Spanish-obsessed- and I like it!

Mama Lingua

Mama Lingua specializes in helping parents teach Spanish to their children. Plenty of resources including interviews, book lists, and inspirational tips for raising a bilingual child are available.

Think Bilingual Austin

Think Bilingual Austin is a Texas-based nonprofit organization committed to strengthening communities by promoting multiculturalism and bilingualism. It connects parents and educators to local resources and information, like community events and online Spanish course services.

Bilingual Baby

Developed by globe-trotting mother Veronika, Bilingual Babies celebrates bilingual living and narratives. Specific attention is given to German and English, but you can find tips and parental testimonies about raising bilingual kids that apply to any language.

Spanglish Baby

This bilingual blog is run by two Spanish-speaking moms and has all sorts of articles relating to games, children’s books, and other activities that promote Spanish language learning. While the page is no longer being updated regularly, this blog still contains a wealth of information.

Paper family in hands

Mommy Maestra

Mommy Maestra is aptly named, as it is run by a homeschooling mother of three, Monica Olivera. In the About Section, Monica explains that she began the blog “as a way to share the many resources for Latino homeschoolers that I was slowly discovering through my own journey as a Latina homeschooling mom.” This blog has wonderful educational insights and activities to help you along on the bilingual journey!

Maritere Rodriguez Bellas

On this gorgeously designed blog, Latina author and bilingual authority, Maritere Rodriguez Bellas, shares her insights and experiences with raising two bilingual children. She’s authored two awesome bilingual parenting books, and her Instagram is beyond helpful. Be sure to check out her podcast, too! (PS- is there anything she CAN’T do?)

Very Busy Mama

Written with humor and wit, Chilean- American blogger María José invites readers and her followers on social media into her life as a bilingual mother of three. (She’s also an actress/spokeswoman and media strategist so that “Very Busy Mama” title is well-earned!) Highly recommended for young moms!

Laura Fuentes

This one is for the moms! Originally from Spain, Laura Fuentes moved to the United States in her teens, learning a whole new language and eventually becoming the CEO of a company. Here, she helps moms find a balance between work and family commitments through self-care and awesome recipes. You probably recognize her from the Food Network!

Ladydee LG

Activist, NYC momma, multicultural mom raising third culture kids- Diana Limongi has it all. Blog, podcast and always honesty and humor, add this blog to your favorites ASAP.

Mama Tortuga

Ecologically mindful and committed to multiculturalism, Mama Tortuga provides communities in southern Florida with educational materials and local resources. One of the best bilingual blogs for introducing your child to climate justice. 

Kid World Citizen

Kid World Citizen is run by Becky Morales, A Spanish educator and mom to 5 bilingual and multicultural children. Blog posts contain all sorts of information about art, food, and celebrations all over the world, and are designed to encourage cultural awareness and appreciation in kids.

Hispanic Mama

On her bilingual parenting blog, Ecaurdorian-American writer and mother of three, Linda, shares her experiences as a Hispanic mom and advocate.

Hot Mama in The City

Developed by a San Antonio-based Latina mom of two, this blog has tons of wonderful recipes, parenting tips and activities, and even style advice!

Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes

Created by native Spanish speaker and mother Frances Evans, this blog celebrates multicultural family life and has heaps of wonderful resources for Spanish learners and bilingual educators. From travel to food to Hispanic Heritage month, there are is plenty to explore and learn about! 

All Done Monkey

Join homeschooling mom Leanna, and her Costa Rican husband on their journey to raise their children to be world citizens. This blog specializes in natural parenting practices and spiritual wellbeing.

Official T Lopez

Informal and hilarious, Recording artist and TV personality T Lopez shares her experiences as a young mom.

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