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I’m constantly looking for high-quality Spanish materials to reinforce our home language learning, and Spanish book subscription boxes can be a great resource.

I’m also always scouring the internet for books in Spanish, subscribing to a million streaming platforms to find the best television programs in Spanish, and testing Spanish apps for the kids to use in their free time. Oh and then using a homeschool Spanish curriculum in our free time. 😂

You can say that I’m a Spanish language materials connoisseur- and expert! That’s why I was so surprised to find a new (to me) Spanish subscription book box that is amazing.

It’s Sol Book Box, which we tested this week as a family. We are enthralled! In this post, I’ll take you through a bit about the company, show you what was in the box we received, and give you some new ideas about how to use the box to reinforce your home language plan.

About Sol Book Box

Sol Book Box is a Spanish book delivery box that comes to your house monthly. It was founded in order to help parents sift through the crappy Spanish books and deliver high-quality, engaging Spanish books for bilingual kids. Every bilingual parent has read terrible translations that just aren’t good enough for our kids! Sol Book Box delivers amazing books!

What We Love About Sol Book Box

Presentation of Materials

The Sol Book Box itself just screams Latin America. It’s brightly colored and has ¡Qué emoción! written on the side- perfect to get kids excited about the contents. The box was full of individually wrapped books and crinkle paper in branded colors.

Once we unwrapped each book there was a nice little summary of the book tucked into the front cover. This would be great for parents who don’t speak Spanish but their kids do (like students in a bilingual school)- they have an idea of what the book is about before the kids start reading.

The books themselves were also beautiful, all of them are published in Latin America and are not translations. (The ones we received.)

The Books

The books from Sol Book Box are authentic Spanish literature. I can’t say that enough. We know that books represent both language and culture, so when we take translations and put them in the hands of children we oftentimes miss the cultural aspect of the book.

Sol Book Box works with top publishers in Spain and Latin America to find the best books for bilingual kids. This means you are getting books that you can’t find on Amazon or at the local library- these are curated just for you!

Types of Subscription Boxes

You can choose from several different subscription packages, but the books are aimed at kids ages 0-8. The packages are as follows:

  • The Picture Book Box is for ages 4-8 and has one Spanish picture book per month for $18 per month
  • The Board Book Box is aimed at ages 0-3 and comes with 2 board books per month at $22 per month
  • The Familia Book Box is for multiple ages and comes with two board books and one picture book per month. It’s for ages 0-8 and costs $35 per month

Book Preview

We received four books to review- two board books and two picture books. We were blown away by the books and wanted to share the preview with you.

Board Books

We received two board books- Copito and Cosquillas. Copito is a counting book that tells the story of a snowman with one nose, two eyes, three buttons… you get the idea. It’s a great counting book for winter. The book is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Coquillas is a cute morning book from Mexico. We have some many bedtime books- this is a fun way to wake up your little one in the morning, and will quickly become part of your morning routine.


This adorable book from Spain tells the story of a dog who can’t seem to bark quite right. His owner goes to great lengths to get his down to bark correctly- and just can’t get him to change his tune.

Towards the end of the book the dog barks outside of a French patisserie. When the pastry shop owner comes out tells the dog’s owner how lucky he is to have a French-speaking dog, we realize that dogs in French bark “ouah” instead of the traditional “guau” in Spanish.

The end of the book has a cute “dictionary” of animals and how they make their sounds from around the world. My daughter had a blast with this book, and has not put it down since we got it.

Gracias- Historia de un Vecendario

This book tells the story of a neighborhood where everyone feels disconnected from each other based on the assumptions they make.

But when one day the Internet goes out and the neighbors have to start to rely on each other to get things back to normal, they start to get to know each other better. It’s a fun story of community, and has a board game at the back that is really fun to play.

Suggestions For How To Use These Books

  1. Read them over and over. We know that repetition creates automaticity. For our kids to internalize new vocabulary they need to hear it over and over again. With such engaging books, this is easy to do. Read the books to your children, then have them read them back to you.
  2. Read board books with older readers. My kids are much stronger readers in English than in Spanish since they go to an English-only school. This meant that they could read and engage with the board books entirely on their own, which they loved.
  3. Designate an area of your home for the books. As you subscribe to Sol Book Box, you’ll see your collection grow and grow. Creating a specific space for the books means your kids can visit the collection again and again!

Subscribe to Sol Book Box

To subscribe to Sol Book Box just head to their website and sign up. You’ll just choose the plan you want and subscribe. Easy peasy!

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