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With massive corporations dominating the book publishing industry, (I’m talking to you Amazon) it’s important to get out and show independent booksellers some love! 

For parents and educators looking to introduce children to Spanish language and culture, there are dozens of wonderful independent bilingual and Spanish language children’s book publishers available to choose from. 

Typically, these independent publishers create and distribute high-quality books that celebrate multicultural and bilingual narratives. Plus, their websites not only sell books but their customer service reps make great recommendations for all ages.

Here, I’ve put together a list of 12 Spanish language and children’s booksellers from around the world. Happy reading!

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Two Spanish language board books with unique illustration styles.

Books del Sur

This children’s book publisher offers authentic, high-quality Spanish language books that focus on the Latin American experience. Titles are available for children through young adult readers. 

I especially love their Baby Board Book Bundle for new bilingual parents. Heather’s Anti-Princesa books aren’t to be missed for older kids.

Cielito Lindo Books

This Sacramento-based children’s book press specializes in bilingual stories inspired by real-life events. Great for both native speakers and language learners!

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Another California-based bilingual book publisher, Booklandia creates subscription boxes full of beautifully illustrated and socially impactful titles that are delivered every month. Titles are selected for quality and relevance and are sourced from Spain, Latin America, and the U.S.

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Lorito Books

Lorito Books publishes and distributes Spanish language picture books and audiobooks for young children. Books feature adorable illustrations and focus on themes of cultural diversity and inclusivity. 

I especially love this bookseller because it’s located right here in Denver!

Lil’ Libros

This bilingual children’s book publisher creates bilingual versions of biographies that introduce young readers to the lives and accomplishments of iconic figures within Latin American culture, like Selena and Frida Kahlo. Books feature sweet illustrations and simple language, so they’re great for practicing Spanish!

These books make incredible gifts for bilingual new moms and families with kids under the age of 5.

Lee and Low Books

A minority-owned children’s book publisher from the United States, Lee and Low Books is a multicultural publishing house committed to working with authors and illustrators of color and celebrating multicultural narratives. 

They don’t have much for Spanish, per say, but they are just a great book company that I wanted to include anyway because of their focus on diversity and inclusivity.

Crane Hill Publishers

Located in Birmingham Alabama, this publishing company distributes quality nonfiction ebooks for children and adults. Ebook content is centered around health and wellness and is available in both English and Spanish. 

East West Discovery Press

This independent children’s book publisher specializes in dual language and multicultural kid’s books. Titles are available in more than 5o languages!

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Ediciones Iamique

Created by Ileana Lotersztain and Carla Baredes, both experts in biology and physics respectively, Ediciones Iamiqué is dedicated to making science accessible and enjoyable for young audiences. Full of award-winning books, this Spanish language publisher supports creative and educational content.

This bookstore is located in Argentina and I haven’t tried to order from them internationally. They do have a great selection of ebooks that are easily downloadable worldwide.

LA Libreria

Located in Los Angeles (hence the LA) this is one of the oldest and most well-known independent Spanish bookstores in the United States.

Their collection is expansive and all books have been curated by absolute experts. You’ll love their collection- it’s awesome.

Cinco Puntos Press

This bookseller located in El Paso, Texas has roots on the US/Mexico border and published books for all ages, including bilingual books for kids.

The website is easy to navigate with sections for all types of recently published bilingual books.

Chau Luna

I just discovered this independent bookseller located in Washington DC and I absolutely love their collection! They have everything from board books to collections of novels and short stories, and their website is super easy to navigate!

Blue Manatee Press

A favorite set of books over here for babies is the “Estaciones” board book series from Blue Manatee Press.

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