8 Magazine Subscriptions in Spanish for Kids

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Spanish language magazine subscriptions for kids from birth to 18. Online magazines, print magazines and even free downloadable magazines.

One of the best ways to boost language learning at home is through reading! For beginning to intermediate Spanish language learners, reading a magazine in Spanish is a wonderful first step before transitioning into more complicated texts. 

With their short stories and helpful visuals, children’s magazines in particular are a great introduction to Spanish phrases, language, and culture. 

From old favorites like ¿Que Tal? to new publications like High Five Bilingüe, here are 8 outstanding Spanish magazines for kids and teens!

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Top Spanish Magazines For Kids

Highlights Bilingue

This award-winning American children’s magazine has gotten a Spanish language update! Magazines are adorably illustrated and easy to read, making them a perfect introduction to the Spanish language for young children.

Stories, puzzles, and activities are all included and text comes in both Spanish and English languages.  We love the Hidden Pictures.

This is my favorite magazine but it does top out at about 8 years old. the whole magazine appears in Spanish and when you flip it backwards it’s in English. It’s a nice way to practice vocabulary in both languages for beginning learners too.

These magazines are translated from English and there are times when I don’t love the translations or the topics don’t seem super culturally relevant to Latin American experiences.

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Muy Interesante Junior

This digital online magazine from Mexico is available for download through their app wherever you download your apps. This is authentic Spanish literature.

The cost is $18.49 per year or $1.99 per issue. All of the content is geared towards kids ages 5-12. I love the variety of topics, and this is both a great tool for in home Spanish lessons and something you can give to a child who is a reader and they will love to explore the topics.

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¿Que Tal?

Geared towards teachers but I think great for home use, Que Tal has been around forever. This is a great magazine to read aloud to your kids.

From the Scholastic website- Immerse beginners in the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Using engaging topics and research-based scaffolding activities, ¿Què Tal? helps your students develop speaking, listening and comprehension skills.

Each issue comes with Teacher’s Guides with complete lesson plans that help you use the magazine effectively. Subscribers also receive FREE access to online resources, including audio features, downloadable activities, videos and much more. Grades 6-12, Bimonthly.

Ahora Spanish Magazine

Also geared toward teachers as part of the Mary Glasgow Magazine family to support teachers and those learning Spanish, ahora uses infographics, interviews, and quizzes, to introduce elementary aged students to vocabulary that relates to current events.

A great option for intermediate learners looking to build on vocabulary and grammar. These issues are between 14 pages and 16 pages.

El Sol Magazine

Level 3 of the Spanish magazines (Ahora is level 2 and Que Tal level 1) this one is designed for advanced readers, this tween/teen publication tackles relevant issues in society and contains inspiring stories of young people making a difference in the world.


Algarabía is a Mexican magazine which makes accessible topics of science, art, and history to a younger audience. Told with humor and compassion, this magazine makes for a fascinating and informative reading experience.

I am noticing that most of their resources are available for kids as a free download and the content- especially for non-fiction words which I alway shave the hardest time finding- are great! They do not mail physical copies outside of Mexico.


Eye-catching and engaging, this Spanish language magazine for teens will keep you updated on all the latest styles, technologies, and celebrity gossip! (If you enjoyed this, check out People en Español.)

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