Libertad Pura Farm San Ramon

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Family-owned Costa Rican farm nestled in the forest of San Ramon, you can ride horses, enjoy ocean views and eat traditional Costa Rican food all at a dirt-cheap price.

About Finca Libertad Pura

Nestled in the northern coffee country of San Ramon de Alajuela sits an expansive family farm called Libertad Pura or Pure Freedom.

The son of the owner has recently developed the area as a local tourist destination, so we headed over there to check it out.

I was drawn to the amazing prices for horseback riding, and the fact that this is a totally off-the-beaten-path tour you shouldn’t miss if you love typical Costa Rican experiences.

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Location – Getting There And Away

San Ramon is located about 45 minutes north of the Juan Santamaria airport, and about 90 minutes south of La Fortuna.

Once you arrive in downtown San Ramon, expect about a 30-minute mountain drive to the farm. You will find some dirt roads on the last few kilometers, but we went in the rainy season in a sedan with no problems.

The best way to find the farm is to load the location onto your Waze app and then save the route offline as there isn’t much signal out in the country.

Also, make sure to have plenty of gas- there are no gas stations once you leave San Ramon.

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The farm is mostly known for its hiking in fresh mountain air and horseback riding tours. They offer the following services:

  • Day pass with hiking
  • Day pass with hiking and breakfast
  • Day pass with lunch and afternoon coffee hour with snack
  • Day pass with breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee hour with snack

Prices vary but expect to pay no more than $35 US dollars for the most robust tour

Horseback riding:

  • Day pass, 10 km horseback ride
  • Day pass, horseback ride, breakfast
  • Day pass, horseback ride, breakfast and lunch
  • Day pass, horseback ride, breakfast, lunch, coffee hour with snack

Prices vary but expect to pay no more than $60 US dollars for the most robust tour

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The farm has a small, family run restaurant that serves very traditional Costa Rican food. The service is extremely slow, so expect to take your time and bird watch while your food is prepared.

The day we went we ate some gallos (small snacks wrapped in homemade tortillas). I believe the girls ate a quesadilla and I had a traditional casado. No soft drinks or liquor are served.

Prepare to be flexible as some days the food is out, or the kitchen isn’t working properly.

The afternoon coffee is the traditional Costa Rican coffee recipe, and not to be missed. There is hot chocolate for the kids.

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What is the best time to visit?

I would try to make it to the farm in the morning. Most afternoons are rainy or foggy, obscuring the views.

What should I bring?

Make sure to bring lots of water, a few snacks if you are staying all day.
For horseback riding make sure to wear long pants, sturdy shoes, and a hat. Sunscreen is a must as well as you are in the sun at high altitudes (above 5,000 feet above sea level.)

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Book Now

You will need a reservation to visit the farm. You can send a What’sApp? message to 7296.9766 or email

English is spoken.

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