Soak and Smile At Baldi Hot Springs, Costa Rica

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About Baldi Hot Springs

Let me just start by saying Baldi Hot Springs in La Fortuna near the Arenal volcano is completely over the top. From the huge fountains at the entrance to the helipad at the top of the mountain in the resort, this hot springs is opulent bordering on the lines of garish, and I love it.

We go to Baldi once a year with our kids, and my younger daughter even learned to swim there. It’s a great place to grab a day pass (more on that ahead) and spend 6-8 hours exploring the grounds and enjoying the thermal waters and views of the volcano.

Owned by a Canadian man who is rumored to not only have a large pocketbook but to be very particular (he refuses to sell Costa Rican national beer at his resort!) this is not your Tico-owned local resort- but it sure is fun!

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Location – Getting There And Away

Baldi is located about 5 kilometers from the center of La Fortuna, on the main road towards Lake Arenal. It is on the left side of the road as you are heading towards the laguna, and the entrance cannot be missed. It’s directly across the street from Kalambu Hot Springs and Eco Termales (also great options for hot springs).

The hot springs/hotel has a large parking lot that is free to visitors of the hot springs, hotel, spa, or restaurants. You can also easily take a taxi or an Uber to the resort from town.

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Baldi is not just hot springs- it is also the Baldi Hot Springs Hotel with luxurious rooms embedded right into the pool and spa areas. I have honestly never stayed at Baldi as we always do a day pass, but reviews I have read online have been super favorable. Each room has a coffee maker, wi-fi, hair dryer, and mini-bar.

There are multiple bars and restaurants on the property, and some of the day passes include a buffet meal. The food is nothing special but it is good, especially if you are spending the day at the pool- my kids always get hungry swimming.

You are not allowed to bring in your own food or drink (except water bottles) to the property, so plan to pay for food and drinks if you are staying long enough to get hungry. There are 4 swim-up bars on the property.

You may be asked to leave a credit card on file at the front of the reception area so that you can consume alcoholic beverages and not worry about having your money or credit card with you as you enjoy the hot springs.

A word of caution though, I have not kept my receipts the last two times I have been at Baldi (because where do you keep a paper receipt when swimming?) and then had extra drinks on my tab when I went to pay. I have decided I will just take cash to the bars from here on out.

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Other Info About Baldi Hot Springs


If you choose not to bring your own towel to Baldi, at the locker area you will be able to leave a deposit of about 5,000 colones or $10 to use a towel. You must pay in cash and your towel must be returned before you can get your deposit back.

Expensive Bar

At the very top of the resort, there is a quiet pool with some nice lounge chairs in the hot water. It’s a great spot. Beware though- the drinks at this bar are much more expensive than those at the other bars, so if money is an issue then just wait and go to another bar.

Kid’s Pool

There is a nice kid’s pool at Baldi with several slides and water fountains. There is no lifeguard on duty, and the water is not hot so it’s best to visit this section of the springs in the afternoon. This pool is really for kids aged about 0-6. There is a bigger waterslide that is for kids in the 6-12 range.

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Adult Slides

There are three adult slides about halfway up the road to the upper pool. They look super cool, but I have seen multiple people get injured because they are fast, steep, and have bumps that cause people to land on their backs and bottoms really hard during the slide.

You can definitely try them but I would say to watch others go down them first so you can see what you are in for. (On a side note, it is great entertainment to watch the spectacle from the pool below.)

Best Time to Visit

You can visit the springs year-round, as the pools do not close for inclement weather. (Definitely get out of the pools if there is lightning though. Costa Ricans don’t close swimming pools for lightning, but it’s just good practice.)

Sitting in a warm pool with warm rain coming down out of the sky is amazing- so don’t be afraid to visit any time of the year.

It is not the best idea to visit the hot springs in the heat of the day unless you are planning only to hit the cold pools as it can be very hot in the hot water and with the sun beating down. If you are on a tour, request evening time at the hot springs.

We like to visit one of our favorite La Fortuna restaurants at about 3 pm and then head to the springs for sunset and evening pool time.

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Book Now

You can buy pass tickets to the Baldo Hot Springs right at the entrance, and the resort is so big it rarely fills up.

You can also find tickets online here or purchase them from a guide or travel agency in town.

If you want to stay at the hotel, you can book your room here.

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  1. The pools are nice. I stayed with my 3 kids. The hotel food is awful- every restaurant. Over priced rooms without hot water (do the laundry at night, Baldi). I felt gouged. Was never told check out time and charged $100 for being slightly late. Plenty of other better places to stay & eat. No es puravida