San Ramon Water Park Review- Las Musas

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This hidden San Ramon water park boasts local prices, water slides, waterfalls, a zip line, and a great restaurant. Not to be missed!


Balenario Las Musas San Ramon (balenario) means swimming pool in Spanish) is a swimming and hiking complex in the rainforest just outside of San Ramon de Alajuela.

The complex is practically an institution in San Ramon- it’s been there for decades and has a traditional feel of the old Costa Rica of the 80s.

If you can make this hidden side stop, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it. More on activities below.

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Location – Getting There And Away

You will want to use your Waze app to get to this water park, but driving from La Fortuna it’s 2 hours, just about. It’s another hour and 15 minutes to San Jose airport, and about 90 minutes from San Jose center.

If you have a problem finding the water park and you know you are nearby, just ask a local. Everyone knows where it is.

The last two or three kilometers are a dirt road, but it is mild and even a low sedan can get there easily. There is ample free parking.

This is a great stop if you are driving between La Fortuna and San Jose and have a couple of extra hours. It is also a great day trip from San Jose.

Once you arrive, you will walk down fairly steep hills to the pools and waterfall- there is wheelchair access but it is steep.

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There is a traditional Costa Rican soda at the top of the hill, serving gallo pinto, chicken and rice, shrimp and rice, casados, carne en salsa, ceviche, fish and more. There is also a full bar. The prices here are very typical prices Costa Rican will pay. (Read: cheap).

You are also allowed to bring in food and alcohol of your own, which is what a lot of Costa Ricans do.

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The real draw of Las Musas is the huge waterfall at the bottom the complex. You can view it from above or walk down so close you can feel the spray on your face. You cannot swim at the bottom of the waterfall- it is too strong.

There are at least 5 kilometers of trails through the rainforest as well.

Las Musas boasts a tiny zip line (3 cables), but it’s like $5 to ride, so if you are looking for a bit of adrenaline and a low cost, this is a great place. The zip line is not always open it depends on if the guide is there, so don’t plan to have this activity- think of it more like a bonus if he’s there.

And of course, there are two swimming pools. The large swimming pool has a water slide, and the small pool is a kid’s pool. There are no lifeguards on duty.

There are several open-air, covered lunch spots (ranchitos) with electricity. Many locals will cook their food right at the park.

There are showers and changing area here too.

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Book Now

There are no tickets or anything to Las Musas- you just show up and pay. During the week there is a good chance you’ll be one of the few people there, and the weekends aren’t even that busy.

Prices are about $6 for adults, $5 for students, $2 for kids aged 5-2. I believe this water park closes on Mondays. Visit the Facebook page for information on closures and changes to the schedule.

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