Top Micro-Breweries in Costa Rica

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Craft beer production is growing in popularity all around the world, with a good number of independent brewers delivering some of the best beers on the market.

The “ticos” haven’t been left behind either; new craft brewers are popping up every day, gracing the craft beer scene in Costa Rica with irresistible products. That means a lot of great beer in Costa Rica!

If you would like to explore a few popular local microbrews, here is a list of some fantastic breweries in Costa Rica to get you started. 

If you are more interested in mainstream Costa Rican beer and cocktails, you can find those at grocery stores, convenience stores, or bars. Most of the national beers are pale lager-style beers. Just look for Imperial, Imperial Light, Pilsen, Bavaria Gold or Bavaria Dark, etc. These national beers pair great with almost any Costa Rican food.

Photo courtesy of Lake Arenal Brewery Costa Rica

Lake Arenal Brewery

Let’s start with the environmentally-friendly Lake Arenal Brewery which has been serving Costa Rican craft beer to locals and visitors alike some of the best beers in the region. With up to eight delightful brews made with fresh spring water from the mountain, you will be spoiled for choice. Try them all, from the Black Ash Nitro Stout to the classic American Pale Ale and the refreshing Pina Blonde.

If you’re vacationing in La Fortuna, this company is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from town. I would recommend having plans to spend the night so you can sample all the incredible beers on the menu without worrying about driving back to La Fortuna. The Lake Arenal Hotel is on-site and will cater to all your accommodation needs!

Photo courtesy of Volcano Brewing Company Tamarindo

Volcano Brewing Company

Located in one of our favorite family beaches– Tamarindo- the Volcano Brewing Company sets the finest craft beer scene for the Witch’s Rock Surf Camp guests and the local community with fantastic brews that keep them coming back for more. this is one of the best places to enjoy local beers with a beach view.

There are over 40 taps distributed throughout the resort to serve visitors pleasant craft brews. Try the Gato Malo if you’re a fan of dark lagers or the Witch’s Rock Pale Ale and Volcano IPA if you prefer something fruity and tropical. All are amazing and would be the perfect way to cool yourself down on a hot afternoon or after a busy surf day as you enjoy the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Photo courtesy of Costa Rica Craft Brewing

Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company

If you’re visiting the buzzing city of San Jose, don’t leave without checking out one of the most popular brew pubs. Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Co. was among the very first breweries to be legalized in Costa Rica, adding a bit of flavor and variety to a market that was mostly dominated by pale lagers like Imperial and other Costa Rican beers.

The La Segua Red Ale and Libertas Tropical Golden Ale are some of the most popular beers in this company and among the ones that will get your juices flowing. But you may also want to taste other in-house offerings such as the Shout Avena, Marbella, or Nubes de Cas which are just as great. If you want, you can even make arrangements for touring the brewery; they are happy to show you how some of those incredible flavors come to be.

Manada Coyote

One of the fun and best things to do in Alajuela is to enjoy a cold fresh craft beer, and there’s no better place to do this than Manada Coyote. Here, you will get to sample some delicious brews like the Furia, Jauria, Coyotico, Coyote Solo and so much more.

And the best part? They even have a beer garden with a river where you can take a stroll and experience nature at its best. Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy some great moments by the river. Just make sure to carry enough beer so you don’t run out.

You can ask for a growler so you can bring as much beer as you want. Got kids? No problem! Manada Cayote accommodates everyone including children; they’ll have their own perfect place to play. This is my favorite micro-brewed beer in Costa Rica.

Cerveceria Primate

When you’re touring Heredia, make sure to stop by the Cerveceria Primate for a taste of craft beer at its finest. Cerveceria is a small brewery situated in Flores and one of the award-winning craft brewers in Costa Rica.

The company makes delicious beers using traditional methods and simple but unique ingredients that produce superb flavor. Try the Shaman Imperial Coffee Stout. Even if you’re not able to go to the brewery, you can stop by any of the many bars in the area and you’ll find something from Cerveceria.

Domingo 7

Owned by Florida Ice and Farm Company, Domingo 7 is another great place for Costa Rica craft beers you want to check out when you’re up and about on your Heredia tour. Come experience the incredible flavors of craft beers that will keep your taste buds dancing.

The Golden Ale, Lagarta, Buho Amber Rock, Barba Loca, Tonomanso, and any other brew you find here are all created with a touch of distinctiveness. You will want to try every single one of them, even if it’s for their unique and creative names!


Established in 2011, Treintaycinco is another fantastic place for beer lovers where they can taste a variety of craft brews including the Jamaican Flower Ale, Tropical Stout, American Indian Pale Ale, Extra Premium Lager, and the American Barley Wine.

You can even explore the brewery and witness connoisseur beer makers produce those irresistible flavors. Come delight in an exciting world of beer with friends and family, interact with friendly staff, and enjoy the amazing weather of the Ciudad Colon. The whole experience is unforgettable!


Monteverde is popular for its majestic cloud forests, but if you are a beer lover, what will really blow your mind is probably the beautifully crafted brews of the Adamá. From the softer Indian Pale Ale and Amber Ale to the stronger Café Stout, all brews are made using traditional beer crafting methods.

If you are in Monteverde or any of the neighboring towns, definitely make a point of trying an Adamá beer. While every brew tastes really good, if you love something with a hint of coffee, I would recommend the Café Stout. The predominant coffee notes coupled with the delicate smokiness this beer comes with take the flavor to a whole new level. Some people have actually termed the stout as one of the best in entire Central America!

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