Best La Fortuna Restaurant? There’s More Than One!

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La Fortuna, Costa Rica is arguably one of the most visited areas in all of Costa Rica- and rightfully so. With views of the soaring Arenal volcano throughout the town, phenomenal hot springs, ziplining, and hiking opportunities, it is probably my very favorite spot in all of Costa Rica.

One of the main reasons that I love La Fortuna is the food- I think this area provides some of the freshest ingredients, the best service, and the most authentic traditional Costa Rican cuisine anywhere in the country. 

view of la fortuna and arenal volcano from the air

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La Fortuna is located in the Central Valley of San Carlos. La Fortuna is also known as Arenal. This area of Costa Rica grows the largest amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as housing some of the best pastures for raising animals. There are also tons of micro-farms in the area too!

This means that fresh food is readily available in La Fortuna, as the transport times and distances are relatively short. This makes the food available at La Fortuna restaurants almost unparalleled!

One drive through the city center of La Fortuna, though, and you are sure to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of restaurants, bars, cafes, and food stands. I bet there are over 100 places to eat in the area!

When you think about budget, time, and distance to attractions on your itinerary, it can be daunting to decide where to eat. 

That’s why, in this post, I’ll help you narrow down some of the best La Fortuna restaurants by budget, location, and type of food- so you can focus on eating and not on deciding where to go!

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Where Are The Best Restaurants In La Fortuna Located?

The first thing you need to understand about La Fortuna is how the town is set up. In the middle of the area is the Arenal Volcano, and the main town is called La Fortuna. 

La Fortuna center itself is really tiny- probably 8 square city blocks of commerce, with the central park and church in the middle of town. 

Leading into La Fortuna on two sides are roads from San Carlos (province capital) and San Jose (country capital), and along those roads are restaurants, hotels, tour operators, and residential houses.

view of arenal volcano with blue sky and clouds costa rica

Then, on the 6.5 kilometers of road from La Fortuna on the way to the volcano and Lake Arenal, there are tons of tourist attractions. Most people choose to stay in hotels along this road, which ultimately leads to a small town called Nuevo Arenal.

Nuevo Arenal is about 30-45 minutes away from La Fortuna however, so you want to avoid restaurants in this area unless you are looking to make a longer drive away from the volcano area.

It’s confusing because the volcano is called Arenal, and there is a town called Nuevo Arenal, but where you want to eat and shop is in La Fortuna. So keep that in mind as you are searching for places to eat.

The restaurants on this list are located either in the city center, close to the city center, or along the main road between the hot springs, Arenal National Park, and La Fortuna city center.

plate of arroz con pollo with french fries and diet coke at soda la parada la fortuna

La Fortuna Restaurants – Cheap Eats

I’ll start with a few of my favorite restaurants right in the city center. You could walk to all of these from the bus stop, or park by the church and walk to them. 

Soda La Parada

Located in the heart of La Fortuna, Soda La Parada has an expansive menu of over 100 items. La Parada is named because it’s in front of the bus stop in the center of town, right on the southeast corner of the park. 

Soda La Parada is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is as much a restaurant as it is a gathering place for locals as they wait for the bus.  It’s a truly authentic culinary and cultural experience.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a beer and cocktail list, excellent casados, and great pizzas, there is something for everyone on the menu. This restaurant is one of the cheapest in town, and they will make food to order: for kids, vegan options, vegetarian options, and more. Just ask! This is our go-to place to eat in La Fortuna- I love it.

grilled chicken casado at soda la parada la fortuna

Some of my favorite meals at La Parada include: 

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red chair and menu at soda la hormiga la fortuna

Soda La Hormiga

Soda La Hormiga popped up in La Fortuna fairly recently and has quickly become a favorite with locals. 

It’s an open-air concept- you’ll arrive to seat yourself and order off the large menu on the wall. Service is no-nonsense, the food is traditional Costa Rican and super super cheap. This is probably the cheapest place to eat in La Fortuna. Located next to the Mega Super right downtown, with its own small parking lot. I highly recommend the fruit salad!

costa rican snow cone with red syrup in park in la fortuna

“Copos” Snow Cone Vendors

If you are walking through the park in front of the Catholic church and see the “copo” vendor, you must stop for a try. A copo is a Costa Rican snow cone that vendors sell for about US $2 cash. First, the vendor shreds ice from a big ice block, then adds a scoop of powdered milk. He tops that with more ice, and then pours snow cone syrup over the top. Add sweetened condensed milk and a cookie straw- and you have a Costa Rican copo! It’s a delicious, refreshing treat that is quintessentially Costa Rican.

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Top Restaurants Downtown La Fortuna – Midrange

open faced hamburger and fries at nenes restaurant la fortuna
Photo Courtesy Nene’s Restaurant La Fortuna

Bar/Restaurante Nene’s

I stumbled upon Restaurante Nene’s almost 15 years ago when I took my parents to La Fortuna for the first time and we were looking for a traditional Costa Rican breakfast spot. It’s locally owned by a family from La Fortuna.

The breakfasts here are amazing because you can get the traditional Costa Rican gallo pinto or an American-style breakfast with pancakes and eggs- which can be great for families with kids who are picky eaters. 

We always visit Nene’s for the evening meal of hamburgers – they are amazing! The patty is fresh, then seasoned and cooked to perfection, and the French Fries are hand-cut and fried to golden perfection (try them Costa Rican style, with ketchup and mayonnaise drizzled across the top and eaten with a toothpick!). So. Good. 

Restaurante Pura Vida

Located a the very edge of the town center just before you head up to the hot springs, Restaurante Pura Vida is a Chinese-owned restaurant and cabins that houses the best American-style Chinese food I’ve found in Costa Rica. 

White rice, all the favorite dishes, great service, and low prices, this is a great restaurant to visit if you are looking for a different style of cuisine in La Fortuna. (As a side note: I’ve never stayed at the hotel, but I’ve heard that the beds are nice.)

Best La Fortuna Restaurants For Pizza

Costa Rican pizza is so so so good. It might not rival Italy’s, but it is some of the best I’ve had. This is because the ingredients are locally sourced, super fresh, and organic.

Homemade sauce, dough baked fresh to order, and cheese from a local farm- not mass-produced. Plus if you are traveling with kids- kids like pizza!

I have two favorite pizza restaurants downtown.

Restaurante Cafe Pizza Mediterráneo

Café Mediterráneo is a pizza and pasta place just across the bridge from the city center as you head back towards San Ramon. We discovered it because it has a kid’s play place inside- a slide, toy house, and a nice bathroom with a sink kids can reach.

kid's playhouse at cafe mediterranea costa rica

We headed in during a torrential rainstorm after visiting Tabacon Hot Springs and were so grateful for the friendly staff, full bar (great wine list!), and awesome menu.

From homemade tomato bisque to epic pizza selections prepared in the wood-fired oven, this Costa Rican-Italian restaurant, while a tiny bit pricey, sure beats trying to find a babysitter for a date night. Kids played, we enjoyed a cold beer (we had a microbrew) while our food was freshly prepared, and everyone cleaned their plates and left full and happy. 

half pepperoni half veggie pizza at cafe mediterranea costa rica

Luigi’s Pizza

Luigi’s Pizza and Hostel has been a staple in the downtown restaurant scene in La Fortuna for years. When I used to visit La Fortuna on a college budget, we would eat pizza here because the portions are big and the prices are fairly low. The white pizza is pretty epic. 

Look for a big yellow Luigi’s sign on the road towards the volcano- directly across from the Catholic Church in La Fortuna City Center.

Cook Your Own Meal In La Fortuna

stack of fresh corn tortillas at vida campesina la fortuna de san carlos

Vida Campesina Organic Farm and Cooking School

On the road to the La Fortuna Waterfall, there is this adorable little farm called Arenal Vida where you can take a Costa Rican cooking class and learn to cook your own food. 

Start by taking a tour of the gardens to learn where all of the food you will prepare comes from, then head into the rancho for a lesson on Costa Rican Spanish language and culture.

Finally, head to the kitchen where you will learn to cook a delicious, made-from-scratch, organic meal. I highly recommend this experience for families!

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Fine Dining in La Fortuna

cheese empanada on grey plate at don rufino restaurant la fortuna

Don Rufino’s

Fairly new to the La Fortuna restaurant scene is Don Rufino, a fine dining establishment also located in San Jose. Don Rufino’s offers upscale Costa Rican and world cuisine including filet mignon, grilled octopus, pork belly confit, and Tom Yum soup.

The wine list at Don Rufino’s is extensive, and the in-house sommelier makes excellent pairing recommendations. This is one of the highest-priced restaurants in La Fortuna Center, and portions are predictably small.

This video tells you about some of my favorite places in La Fortuna.

Restaurants On The Road To The Arenal Volcano

You may find that you are spending a ton of time driving between the Arenal Volcano, the hot springs, and La Fortuna City Center. In that case, it can be nice to eat somewhere delicious on the road to the hot springs just outside of La Fortuna.  Here are some of my favorite places to eat outside of the city center.

Volcano Lodge and Springs

Volcano Lodge and Springs is a family-run hotel about halfway between the entrance to the Arenal Volcano National Park and La Fortuna city center. The rooms are exceptional, and it’s one of our favorite area hotels for families.

The best-kept secret, though, is that a local family runs the indoor/outdoor restaurants in the hotel, and you can head over for soaring views of the Arenal volcano while you eat delicious food prepared by locally trained chefs at a great price.

The perfect family hotel near the Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna Costa Rica isVolcano Lodge and Springs! A mid-priced hotel that caters to families- delicious continental breakfast, gorgeous volcano views, multiple hot springs and cold pools and beautifully groomed walking trails.

You can do typical Costa Rican casados, arroz con pollo, or you can opt for deliciously prepared steak and potatoes, noodles and more.

The Costa Rican nachos are out of this world, and the service is excellent. Includes a full bar with great Costa Rican cocktails and a playground within view of the poolside restaurant. Just drive in and tell the guards you would like to eat there.

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Arenal Kioro Hotel Restaurants

Hotel Arenal Kioro has arguably some of the best nighttime views of the Arenal Volcano, and they also have several restaurants on the property with excellent views.

From a sports bar with fun snacks and appetizers (Carajjillos) to a fine dining restaurant with incredible views (Heliconias), I would highly recommend making a reservation to eat here for a romantic and private evening. It’s not so much for families I would say, but a mid to high-range price point perfect for couples and small groups. 

Kalambu Costa Rica Restaurant

Kalambu Hot Springs

This tiny set of hot springs caters primarily to Costa Rican nationals and their families. It’s got three small pools, one for kids that includes a water slide and a huge bucket that dumps water intermittently.

The thing about Kalambu Hot Springs is the admission fee can include a meal- they have a nice buffet with traditional Costa Rican cuisine that rotates by day, plus pizza and chicken fingers for the kids. If you are looking to kill a few hours between events, time a meal here. The portions are huge, and the food is very traditional.

Check their Instagram for rotating discounts on admission with lunch- it can go as low as about $12 Us per person for pool entrance with lunch.

front of hotel los heroes restaurant nuevo arenal costa rica
Photo courtesy of Hotel Los Heroes Costa Rica

Hotel Los Heroes

Hotel Los Heroes is a hotel/restaurant/brewery/tourist attraction located about 20 minutes outside of La Fortuna on the road to Nuevo Arenal.

It’s a large swath of German-owned land that features a small train that leads up to a towering view of the volcano. The 360-rotating restaurant is the perfect place to view the sunset, and enjoy a cold beverage and European food before taking the train back down.

The food is a bit on the pricey side, but you pay for the experience which includes a small tour through Costa Rican history, the train ride, and the rotating restaurant. Los Heroes has rooms for rent as well- but this is definitely a fun stop for all ages. 

La Fortuneño

Billed as both a chicken joint and a BBQ Steakhouse, the menu at Fortuneño has something for everyone. The servers here take great pride in their work- not only is the food great, but so is the service. A great place for the whole family.

La Parrilla de María Bonita

Located right downtown by the Catholic Church, La Parrilla de María Bonita is a fun Steakhouse and Lebanese food restaurant that comes highly recommend by everyone who has visited. Plus, the location makes it perfect for a lunchtime cocktail followed by some shopping.

Jalapas Restaurant

Just off the beaten path so as not to be overly popular, but just enough on the path to have some of the best food in La Fortuna is Jalapas Restaurant. Definitely visit at sunset, as the views of the volcano are absolutely stunning. Prices are a little higher than some of the other restaurants, but the food is high quality and the view is totally worth it.

If you would like to talk to me about a customized itinerary or specific Costa Rica travel advice for your family, (zero sales- just advice!) check out my “Ask Christa” page for more information on custom Costa Rica trip planning geared towards families.

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front of hotel los heroes restaurant nuevo arenal costa rica
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  1. Hola !! how are you? we have a great restaurant in La Fortuna of San Carlos, it is call Restarante Cafe Mediterraneo, is an Italian Restaurant we have home made pasta, pizza is made in the wood oven and much more… We have in area almost 3 years and you can look about us in tripadvisor if you need more information.

  2. Hey Geovanny- thanks for commenting and talking about your restaurant! I hope to visit in December, and I would love to stop by and check you out! You can send me a message at puravidamoms at gmail dot com and we can connect! Thanks!

  3. Can you give me some approximate prices for a simple lunch or dinner at the above places. ICan you quote in American dollars. I am just trying to figure out a food budget in La Fortuna.

    1. Absolutely! I was last there in August and I would say Soda La Parada $5-7 a plate. (I just found a new restaurant that I need to add to the post- Soda La hormiguita- that was more on the $3-4 range and was delicious.
      The rest of the places mentioned here are in the $8-9 range. Please let me know if you need anything else, and thank you for commenting! ~Christa

  4. Thank you for the recommendation for Ristorante Nene’s! Great experience from start to finish. Excellent service, Milton was friendly, helpful, funny and professional. We enjoyed our food and the atmosphere!

  5. I can still taste all of this ! I just left Costa Rica last week and the food was definitely on point !

  6. Hi, for the restaurants in la fortuna, do they typically have nearby parking? I am going to be traveling with someone with some mobility issues and can’t really park far away when we go out. thank you

    1. Not always. What I would do is drop the person off and then find a spot. Not ideal, but parking in Costa Rica can be nuts. One place I know is great with a parking lot right by it is Pizza Medeteranea. ~Christa

  7. How about the gingerbread restaurant? We are staying at the springs resort and spa, how far is this restaurant? Thank you for the recommendations.