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  • Disney Pixar's Coco 5 Reasons To Watch

    Disney Pixar Coco Movie Review

    Last week I had the amazing honor to view Disney Pixar’s Coco movie on the Day of the Dead. Here’s my (no spoilers!) review of the Coco movie- and a free…

  • Disney Pixar Coco Fun Facts

    Disney Pixar’s Coco – Danielle Feinberg Interview

    Colorado’s own Danielle Feinberg is the Photography Director for Disney Pixar’s Coco film- here’s 10 fun facts from our our exclusive Denver interview! Whenever a badass woman who is breaking barriers…

  • Emma Watson’s Belle- A New Kind of Princess

    Presione aquí para el artículo en español I had the incredible privilege of screening the new live action Beauty and the Beast (in 3-D no less) at Disney Studios last week,…