15+ Lent Dinner Recipes

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These delicious Lent dinner recipes from around the world will get your family through the Lenten Season with almost no complaints!

I generally have a hard time thinking of a good family dinner recipe for Friday nights. It’s the end of the week, everyone is tired, and I usually don’t feel like cooking. Anyone else feel me on this?

That sentiment seems to get exacerbated during Lent, when we choose to fast on Fridays and abstain from eating meat during the 40 days leading up to Easter. Between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, there are usually about 7-8 Fridays!

I really love the idea of mindfully giving up meat as a sacrifice, and Fridays we have while observing Lent can become a really special time for our family as we talk with the girls about our religious beliefs.

But that doesn’t make finding Lent recipes any more fun than finding regular Friday night recipes. Plus, I refuse to just do grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese for two months.

So as much as I do enjoy meatless Fridays during Lent, I wanted to find a way to make things a bit easier on myself as far as Lent meals (and hopefully help you out as well!)- I have rounded up some of my favorite Lent foods from me and some of my favorite bloggers! Also, if you are not looking for Lent recipes, check out this amazing list of Easy Dinner Recipes from Denise at Easy and Delish.

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Pan Seared Scallops With Balsamic Glaze

seared scallops atop veggies on white plate with fork and cloth napkin

This is a copycat recipe from the Bonefish grill and not only is it delicious, it’s fairly easy. I love the roasted vegetables on the side, it’s one of my favorite Lent-friendly recipes.

Cilantro Lime Tilapia With Quinoa

Tilapia is a relatively easy fish to find and Sara of Mom Endeavors gives it a Southwestern flair with the cilantro and lime. For me, quinoa is a nice alternative to our normal Costa Rican white rice.

Tortitas de Camarón con Nopales

Tortitas-de-Camarón-con-Nopales costa rican dish in blue pot with ladle.

A traditional Mexican food Lenten dish. Chopped nopales are cooked and simmered in a slightly spicy guajillo chile sauce and poured over shrimp patties made from a fluffy egg batter and ground dried shrimp.

Pan Fried Dover Sole

Quick Pan Fried Dover Sole is ready in under 20 minutes and has options for Whole30, Gluten Free and Paleo versions. 

Greek Lentil Soup

Fakes, or Greek Lentil Soup, is a popular recipe in Greece, especially during Lent, but enjoyed all year. It’s a simple, meat-free hearty lentil soup that we love to top with Parmesan cheese.

Pan-Seared Cod With Strawberry Salsa

This combo is amazing, it’s sweet, spicy and super fresh. The best of all is that is very easy to make and you can prepare the salsa in advance.

Picadillo de Chayote

Steamed chayote squash with sweet corn, cilantro and a creamy sauce will make any mouth water- and it’s an easy recipe.

Ceramic plate heaped with picadillo de chayote, beans, and white rice in front of a traditionally painted cart.

Sheetpan Salmon and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Gently roast a whole salmon side with lemon and olive oil, and pair it with a lovely wilted Brussels Sprouts Salad, all cooked on ONE sheet pan. This recipe is equally perfect for busy weeknights and entertaining friends, because it’s SO simple and totally impressive!

Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Baja Sauce

These Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Homemade Sriracha Baja Sauce are decadent and delicious. These are my favorite fish tacos and all of the sauces work so perfectly with them!

Crispy Vegetarian Chiles Rellenos

These Colorado-style crispy vegetarian chiles rellenos use egg roll skins and canned green chiles for a delightful cheesy and crispy Lent dinner recipe.

Series of chile rellenos topped with shredded cheese in a red bowl surrounded by fresh tortilla chips.

Shrimp Scampi Orzo

There are nights that you need something delicious but quick. Here’s the perfect meal for those nights. This Delicious & Easy Shrimp Scampi Orzo will be a huge hit at any meal. Check out how tasty this recipe can be! This is the perfect quick dinner idea!

Ultimate Vegan Chili

This delicious meatless chili has a surprisingly spot-on “meaty” texture for a meatless meal. It’s made with easy to find pantry ingredients, and comes together in 35 minutes.

Butternut Squash Soup

This chipotle butternut squash soup combines butternut squash, celery, carrots and onion roasted and blended with homemade chicken stock for a hearty and absolutely delicious soup. Instant Pot instructions make this one ready in less than 30 minutes.

Spoonful of butternut squash soup with garnishes

Migas Tacos

Breakfast, lunch and for dinner? Why not! these Migas tacos use eggs. cheese and spicy salsa for a delicious and filling vegetarian dinner.

Costa Rican Black Bean Soup

This traditional Costa Rican black bean soup recipe is a delicious, healthy, and simple vegetarian/vegan meal that everyone loves!  Just black beans, veggies and water- too easy for those of us observing Lent!

black bean soup with salsa lizano and red costa rican ox cart in background

Vegetarian Green Bean and Carrot Picadillo

Carrots, green beans, sofrito and Salsa Lizano. We eat this family favorite to eat this with homemade tortillas!

Close up of finely chopped green beans and carrots on a woven tablecloth.

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