Tons of Easy and Delicious Foods To Eat With Rice

White rice recipe served on table.

No one can eat rice like Costa Ricans! We eat our standard white rice recipe three times a day. Yes, you read that right- three times a day!

The thing is, not every one of our rice dishes is the same, and we know a thousand foods that go with rice. We make white rice at breakfast, eat long-grain rice desserts (yes- I said white rice for dessert!) and of course, every main meal includes white rice. Which means that most of our meals are gluten-free. 

This post is constantly being updated with links to our favorite rice dinners, rice dishes, rice appetizers, rice meals, and pretty much a thousand other things to eat with white rice. If you have a suggestion for this page (it doesn’t have to be Costa Rican food!) just message me and I’ll add it- Contact Me.

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This post is divided into two parts- Costa Rican recipes with white rice and non-Costa Rican recipes with rice.

Recipes With Costa Rican White Rice 

  1. Costa Rican White Rice Recipe- This recipe is the basis for every single other recipe involving rice in Costa Rican cuisine. Easy to learn, a lifetime to master. 
  2. Costa Rican Arroz Arreglado Recipe – When you get tired of plain old white rice, you just jazz it up a little.
  3. Costa Rican Tamales Recipe- Receta Tamal de Puerco de Costa Rica – A tried and true Costa Rican holiday recipe
  4. Traditional Costa Rican Gallo Pinto Recipe – Our national dish, our most popular recipe and the best breakfast on the planet. Or can be a side dish!
  5. Costa Rican Chifrijo Recipe – This is like one of those rice bowls- only Costa Rican!
  6. Arroz con Pollo Recipe – Chicken and rice a lo tico! It’s like a stir fry, with Salsa Lizano!
  7. Costa Rican Shrimp and Rice Recipe -Arroz con camarones – Traditional fried rice with shrimp. This might be my favorite Costa Rican dish ever.
  8. Garbanzo Bean Soup Recipe – Stovetop – The first of three recipes for this dish I have on the site. So packed with flavor and a hit with everyone
  9. Instant Pot Chicken Garbanzo Soup – Instant pot version ready in 15 minutes
  10. Slow Cooker Chicken Garbanzo Soup Recipe – And the slow cooker version. You’re welcome!
  11. Olla Carne – Costa Rican Vegetable Beef Stew Recipe – I would argue this is actually the Costa Rican national dish- and it is so good! 
  12. Traditional Costa Rican Black Bean Soup Recipe – Of course, we put rice in it! This would be a good recipe to add brown rice or basmati rice to, instead of the traditional long grain. 
  13. Costa Rican Tortilla Soup (Sopa Azteca) – This dish comes from the Yucatan peninsula, but is on every Costa Rican menu. So delish!
  14. Costa Rican-Style Shredded Beef with Red Sauce (Carne en Salsa) – This is always served with white rice and black beans.
  15. Costa Rican-Style Shredded Beef Recipe – This is an essential Costa Rican recipe- it’s the vase for so many others. And delicious with rice!
  16. Recipe for picadillo with carrots and green beans – This recipe is a main dish, a side dish, a gallo and can be made vegan. Versatile, delicious and easy. 
  17. Picadillo de Chayote – Quintessentially Costa Rican, super healthy and packed with nutrients. Oh, and did I mention that we serve with with white rice? 

Non-Costa Rican Rice Recipes

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