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Resource Guide for Spanish Immersion Students During School Closures

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You’ve taken the time to make sure your child learns Spanish- and your school helps a ton in that endeavor. I get it.

And with the school closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic you are starting to freak out about how to support your Spanish immersion student during quarantine. Your bilingual kid needs more Spanish and you don’t know where the best foreign language resources are. 

Trust me- I get it. Don’t worry. I’m a former Spanish teacher turned bilingual blogger, and I’ve spent the last few days curating the best resources for your bilingual child.

You don’t have to come up with an entire homeschool Spanish plan, you just have to keep the language fresh in their minds- and I’m here to help. 

These foreign language resources in reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar- plus resources for parents who don’t speak Spanish- will help ease the transition and make sure your kids don’t lose their Spanish. 

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Advice For Parents

First and foremost- don’t worry. Your commitment to Spanish for your kids will stay strong through all the school closures. Your kids won’t lose their Spanish. And you can do this.  

Second of all- Language exposure is everything. So get creative about how to input language even if it’s passive. that might mean playing Spanish radio stations, Spanish music on YouTube playlists, and watching Spanish language tv shows. All of those things are great.

Third- be super positive! Your child speaks a second language! So even if you don’t understand what they are saying or writing or reading, ask them to show off their skills. Have them produce language content- even if it’s not accurate. The accuracy isn’t as important as the feeling of success kids have when they speak a second language- even if it’s “wrong.” 

Finally- if you are confused about what your student should be learning and your school isn’t providing much help, you can check out the ACTFL Foreign Language Standards overview. Finally, this collaborative Google doc by teachers is continually updating resources for parents and teachers. Just search the word “Spanish.”

Ok- let’s get into the meat of the resources. I have not thoroughly tested every single one of these resources myself so please leave a comment if you have suggestions or feedback on a specific resource and I will be sure to update the post accordingly!

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Reading Resources in Spanish

  1. Tumblebook Library–  This collection of online books includes audiobooks. so your child can just listen to the narrator, and some are for them to read.  Grades PreK-5th
  2. Denver Public Library Phone a Story – While this resource is technically not online, your child can call the library and hear a Spanish story or rhyme. It’s really fun! Perfect for PreK-5th graders.
  3. Capstone Publishing– This resource has book ideas for all language learning levels, with complete summaries. You can order the physical books here, or you can use the resource to then find the ebooks at your library. For all ages and levels.
  4. Nat Geo en espanol – You can read online editions of National Geographic in Spanish. For older readers and advanced Spanish students.
  5. American Reading At Home– You can receive 6 free English books and 6 Spanish ebooks from this website when you create an account. PreK-8th grade.
  6. Garbanzo – This story-based learning site helps kids read in Spanish. PreK-5th grade.
  7. Hoopla App – This app has tons of free audio, visual and digital reading resources. Just search for Spanish. All ages.
  8. Raz Kids – 28 levels of text that get progressively harder. PreK-8th grade.
  9. Get Epic – Online digital library for kids 12 and under with a robust Spanish section. PreK-8th grade.’
  10. Read Conmigo – Free program devoted to Spanish language literacy. 

Spanish Vocabulary and Grammar

  1. – Conjuguemos is a user-generated platform with games and vocabulary lessons for every topic imaginable. Public school Spanish teachers have been using it for years- there is an endless supply of vocabulary activities on here. This is for all levels and ages.
  2. PBS Learning Media– PBS has created videos and worksheets to practice Spanish language vocabulary. Make sure to check the World Language section. For all levels and ages.
  3. PBS Kids Spanish – Tons of learning games with your favorite PBS kids characters- in Spanish! For Pre-K-5th grade.
  4. DuoLingo– This language learning app is a great vocabulary builder for new language learners and those wanting to keep vocabulary and grammar rules fresh. For all ages.
  5. Endless Spanish – This app has vocabulary and gramma building as well as common Spanish sight words. With an option for native speakers and English speakers learning Spanish. PreK-5th grade.
  6. Real Academia Espanola – this is an official Spanish dictionary with all of the accepted definitions for every word in the Spanish language. Think Merriam Webster on steroids. Helpful for when immersion kids need to know what a word means- not the translation of the word to English.
  7. PBS Kids in Spanish – Watch your favorite PBS shows in Spanish.
  8. Netflix– So many fun shows on Netflix in Spanish, this post tells you how to change the audio to Spanish.
  9. Calico Spanish – Offering a week’s worth of free Spanish lesson plans in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Spanish Audio Resources

  1. Canticos World – Bilingual nursery rhymes with on-screen lyrics. Adorable. PreK-3rd grade.
  2. Spanish Songs For Young Children – List of my favorite songs in Spanish for young children. PreK-3rd grade.
  3. Best Spanish Pop Ballads – List of some of my favorite Spanish pop ballads. All ages.
  4. Rockalingua – Music based Spanish learning. For all ages.
  5. Babyradio – Spanish language radio station for kids from Spain. I stream this in the background when we are working on worksheets or just playing games. Includes podcasts, music and stories in Spanish. PreK-5th grade.
  6. FluentU – Thousands of Spanish language learning videos. All ages.
  7. FluentKey – Designed for classroom teachers to make listening activities into games. All ages.
  8. Fabulingua – Magical stories that teach kids Spanish. PreK-8th grade.
  9. Coffee Break Spanish – Free podcasts in Spanish. For older kids and adults.
  10. Salsa – This NPR video resource has 42 video lessons in Spanish. PreK-3rd grade.
  11. Rincon PK – this YouTube channel has Spanish videos specifically for kids aged 0-5.
  12. The Spanish Experiment – A handful of audiobooks with the text underneath and a translate to English option. PreK-5th grades
  13. Basho and Friends– Learn Spanish through music. PreK-5th grades
  14. Huge List of Disney Songs For Kids
  15. Huge List Of Spanish Shows For Kids

Spanish Conversation Resources

  1. Mango Languages –  This conversation app is currently free for everyone from New York Public Library- and has over 70 languages. All ages. 
  2. Panda Tree – This is a paid Spanish immersion program with live, native-speaking Spanish teachers who Skype with your kids and teach them Spanish. This program is one of my favorites even when we aren’t in quarantine and definitely worth every penny. All ages.
  3. Rosetta Stone– This paid program is one of the best known throughout the world, and it works. Conversational modules. For all ages
  4. Verbling – This conversation app pairs students with native Spanish speakers to work on conversation skills. All ages
  5. Talkbox– This program is designed for families who all want to learn to speak a foreign language. All ages

Additional Resources

  1. ABC Mouse– A leading program in English and Spanish for elementary learners, offering a free 30-day trial due to COVID-19.  PreK-5th grade.
  2. Nickelodeon Junior – These games from your favorite Nickelodeon characters are all in Spanish. PreK-8th grade.
  3. Disney Junior Play – These Disney Junior games are all in Spanish thanks to the Latin American version of this app. PreK-8th grade.
  4. BrainPop! – This website offers comprehensive Spanish work for native speakers in all disciplines. All ages.
  5. Khan Academy – Several years ago this free resource was translated entirely to Spanish and it’s awesome. All ages.
  6. IXL – This paid learning website has an entire Spanish section with vocabulary, grammar and audio. Right now it’s $9.95 per month which is a good price I think. PreK-8th grade.
  7. Academons – Interdisciplinary app from Spain with educational games and more.  All ages.
  8. AFSAEF – This is an interesting resource. It’s a personal finance non-profit that has translated all its activities into Spanish. Perfect for upper-level Spanish students and older immersion kids.
  9. Campus Diffusion – Website says – “everything you need to learn Spanish.” Grades 8-12.
  10. Aprender Gratis– A sort of Khan Academy from Latin America, but smaller. Grades 5-adult.
  11. Virtual Tours – These virtual tours of Latin American capital cities comes with a free printable writing worksheet.

Spanish Resources For Parents

  1. Forvo – Any word in any language pronounced for you. Helpful when working on pronunciation activities with your kids.
  2. Google Translate App – This will translate almost any text you take a photo of. Super handy.
  3. SpanishDict – Spanish/English dictionary with grammar and vocab exercises and pronunciation. I like this site better than Word Reference because it’s only dedicated to Spanish and often more accurate.
  4. Word Reference – A good online Spanish/English dictionary with a forum. 

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