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15 Top Arenal Costa Rica Activities (For Families)

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Costa Rica is heaven-on-earth for people fond of seeing wildlife and nature firsthand.

And Arenal Volcano National Park? Let’s just say it’s like the forbidden fruit of heaven — only that it’s not forbidden anymore! This landmark spreads over more than 29,000 acres and makes for some of the greatest experiences in Costa Rica. 

The best part is that each inch of this beautiful national park is filled with wondrous views that will stay in your memories forever. 

Despite what the name would suggest, there are actually two eye-catching volcanos in this park. The first one is Arenal Volcano (no surprises there, hah!) — and the second one is Chato Volcano. Even though the latter has been inactive for more than 3,500 years, it’s still a “hot” tourist attraction. 

The Arenal Volcano, however, is the primary attraction that gives this national park its deserving name. It is located just outside of the small town of La Fortuna, and is famous throughout Central America for its hot springs resorts, beautiful scenery and amazing Costa Rican food.

While there are tons of things to do in this national park, we know you could be short on time during your trip. So, we’ve put together some of the hottest things you should be doing during your trip here. 

In the area we love to stay at the Volcano Lodge and Springs or on the family farm called Rancho Margot.

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If you are interested, about an hour and a half away from Arenal is the Blue River waterfall and you can also see the largest tree in Costa Rica– a ceiba tree.

Top Activities in La Fortuna de Arenal Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfall

This popular tropical rainforest waterfall is a sight to behold. Long a hidden local secret, in the past years it has become a must-see for tour busses and backpackers alike. It’s a great way to see a volcano right in La Fortuna- but it’s busy.

Expect large crowds and steep entrance fees. However, this is a very short hike making it a great place for families to get in a quick hike right in the Arenal area.

If you time your journey right, at the end of the hike down you can even go for a swim — however, be noted that the area gets quite crowded during the day. So, pick a time when you don’t expect a heavy crowd to appear- like in the morning. Also, note that waters in the rainy season can be very heavy, so it’s best to ask a local guide if it’s safe when you go.

Some people confuse this waterfall with Rio Celeste- the falls look similar but you won’t see the after plunge into the blue water like you do farther north.

Lake Arenal 

After you’ve got yourself the views while hiking onto the Arenal Volcano, there comes the time to enjoy some scenery from the water. The best way to see the volcano from the back is from the water. The Arenal Lake is the largest lake in Costa Rica, and you can grab a boat right from the docks just off the main road between La Fortuna and Nuevo Arenal.

Make your way to Lake Arenal, and you’ll find yourself indulged in a slew of interesting activities. 

Fans of kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding will find themselves involved in no time. If you want to sit back and enjoy the views with no work, you could pick a boat ride, too. 

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Image Courtesy Venado Caves

Venado Caves 

If you’re staying in the La Fortuna area, there’s a rather-unique spot to explore, just around an hour of drive away. If you have a car of your own, even better!

Now, what makes Venado Caves so unique? Well, this one is going to be a thrilling, and kind of a dark journey. 

These caves came into existence more than 6 million years ago, so the structures are undoubtedly ancient. Plus, hold your breaths Batman fans, there are plenty of bats flying in the caves for you to see. A number of spider species are also found in abundance. 

However, we don’t recommend heading into these caves if you’re claustrophobic or are afraid of rugged journeys. The inside could be muddy, dark, and filled with tiny creatures. 

When you head for this venture, make sure to bring extra clothing. The clothes you wear during the walk are going to get dirty, so you’d need a change. 

Plus, the management would offer you boots, but no socks — so make sure to bring those as well. 

Safari Float 

If you’re willing to go for an adrenaline rush, there are plenty of crazier rafting opportunities. 

However — if you’re in for a calm and soothing safari through the wildlife, a float is the way to go- especially for families with young children.

During a safari float, you essentially ride down a calm river, which doesn’t even require a motorboat. As there’s no noisy engine, you’re much less likely to scare away wildlife. Expect to see howler monkeys, spider monkeys, and a ton of bird species on these floats.

It’s a perfect way to take a floating stroll through the jungle and observe the wildlife from within.

Zip Lines 

Ziplining is a thrill through the tops of the rainforest canopy, and is one of the most popular activities in the area for nature lovers who want a thrill. These are also called a canopy tour.

We recommend Eco Glide for families, but there are a ton of different companies to choose from. Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the sweetest spots to zip line in Costa Rica. If you want to consume everything Arenal has to offer in a period as short as possible, go zip lining! 

With a single zip lining tour, you can take a glimpse at Forest Canopy, Arenal Volcano, Lake Arenal, and even the Talamanca Mountain Range. That’s a lot of value for something as time-efficient as a zip line is.  Simply put, you don’t want to miss out on zip-lining in any circumstance. 

Horseback Riding

If you want to explore the base of Arenal Volcano but aren’t ready for a hike, horseback riding is the way to go, and can be an excellent day trip that you top off with a soak in the hot springs such as Tabacon hot springs or Baldi hot springs hotel.

Rise up on a horseback and enjoy the journey through the dense forestation, all without having to break a sweat! 

Other Activities to Do in Arenal National Park 

Hanging Bridges

Located in the dense forestation of La Fortuna, these hanging bridges take you on a stroll through the trees- you’ll get a similar view as you do on the zip line, but a much calmer experience. We love Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park.


If you prefer your experience to be raw and memorable, drop the horses and hike the volcano base on foot. It’s going to be a wild ride — but a fun one! I recommend a naturalist guide to help you through the national park and to increase the number of wildlife sightings you have.

White Water Rafting 

A treat for thrill-seekers. Be very careful during the rainy season as water can be fast and boats can flip.

Arenal Hot Springs 

Another once-in-a-lifetime experience is to soak yourself in Arenal’s natural hot springs. These water bodies appear due to the volcanic activities in the area — and you don’t want to miss them! The perfect place to relax after a full day exploring the area. We love Baldi hot springs, Kalambu hot springs and Tabacon.

Sloth Tours 

There are several sloth-watching tours in Arenal — and you don’t want to miss out on those, especially if you’re fond of capturing every kind of wildlife during your journey. Make sure the sloths are humanely treated- we like the Eco Centro Denaus for this reason.

Night Tours 

If you’re in for a creepy stroll through the wildlife, a night tour is a way to go. Be noted that night is the time when most of the wildlife comes out, so that’s when you should go out, too. A guided tour through the forest reveals amazing insects, snakes and frogs you’d never know where there otherwise!


Seeking adventure? Take a canyoning tour — repel off of rocks and waterfalls in the rainforest. I highly recommend Maquique Adventures.

Biking Tours 

Not into hiking, but don’t want to ride horses either? Well, consider a bike tour, or even an ATV for that matter. It’s all available here.

Cooking Classes

Want a taste of local cuisines and how they’re made? Set aside 3 hours of your time and take a local cooking class. We love Arenal Vida Campesina.

Want custom Costa Rica travel advice from me? Jump on a 15-minute call– no sales- and I’ll give you recommendations tailored especially to you and your trip.

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