Product Reviews and Recipe Development

Want to get your product in front of a new audience? I love to test products and to use new food items to develop unique multicultural recipes- especially with a Costa Rican twist!

Here’s how we can partner.

Product Reviews

I accept all types of products for review, but the acceptance of a product does not guarantee a positive review- or any review. I will give brands the right to respond to any complaints about a product before I publish it. (read- I won’t just throw your brand under the bus without talking to you first. Unless it’s really really bad.)

mint green flowered cup in front of food display case

Recipe Development

Want your food product used in an original recipe? I can make that happen! Want your product showcased alongside an original recipe? We can do that too- food posts do extremely well on my channels, so this can be a great way to gain exposure.

These sugar free crispy asian Brussels sprouts are a super healthy option for those wanting a sweet and spicy sauce that tastes like it has a million calories- and really only has a few. With one secret ingredient, you will swear these sugar free crispy Asian Brussels sprouts are fried- they don't taste skinny at all!


Social Media- I will showcase your product to my audience. I will create photos, social media copy, Pinterest pins etc. Then, I promote it on my social channels- and tag you. A typical social media campaign includes:

  • 1 static Instagram post
  • 3-5 Instagram stories
  • 1 Facebook post on my professional page
  • 1-2 original pins
  • 5-6 tweets

Sample Original Social Media Campaign: Instagram Static | Instagram Stories | Facebook |

Social Media Amplification– already have the content you want and need to get it to a wider audience? I’ll amplify it on my social channels! 

Sponsored Blog Posts– I’ll create a blog post for your brand or product. I generally prefer to create original, evergreen, long-form Web content that is promoted over a long period of time. My standard deliverable for web content is the following

  • Original article 800-1300 words- keyword research using SEM Rush and Google Search Console, SEO optimized
  • 5-6 original images, vertical, square and horizontal for easy cross-promotion on social media
  • 1-2 Pinterest Pins
  • 1-3 links back to your site or product
  • I can also include your product in a roundup of similar products. This is a cheaper option!

Video Content

I create original, short-form videos for brands and products. This can be stop motion, product overview, recipe videos and more. I have my own Youtube channel, and love to upload native video to Facebook, IG TV and Pinterest. 

Sample recipe video


You’ll have to contact me for rates- because they change depending on the season, and depending on how much room I have in my editorial calendar. Ask about bundle rates- if you are looking for multiple posts or types of social media promotion, I love to give discounts.

Note- I generally do not engage in product reviews solely in exchange for an affiliate opportunity. But- if I love your product, the sky is the limit in terms of how we can work together. Contact me- but make it worth my while! 🙂

I will always comply with all of the FTC Guidelines for social media posting, and the Google recommendations for no-follow and do-follow links. 


A lot of brands ask about my equipment- and I get it. You aren’t looking for someone to snap a cell phone photo of your brand, throw it up on social media, and charge you a bunch of money for that. 

Rest-assured! I have professional equipment that includes: 

  • Macbook
  • iPhone 10
  • Canon 6D DSLR professional camera
  • DJI Mavic Drone
  • Sony Nex 5N mirrorless camera
  • Lightroom and PhotoShop digital image editing software

Oh- and I know how to use all of this like a boss too! 😉 

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