Press Trips/Event Attendance

I love to travel. I have a serious case of wanderlust, and a bucket list taller than I am! For me, travel highlights the similarities of the human condition despite different socio-economic, opportunities, customs, and languages.

That’s why there is a dedicated family travel section on this website- because I believe that travel beginning at a young age is one of the best educations we can give our children. 

Woan sitting in large tractor tire on farm in Costa Rica

The best way to highlight your destination is through fresh eyes- and I provide compelling, diverse and beautiful travel content to my clients, who have recently included

Press Trips are a great way to introduce a new audience to your destination. And, I love to go on them. Here’s more info on working with me on press trips/for events.

Looking for my Media Kit?

Event Promotion

Sometimes, you just need to run your event and not worry about promotion. That’s where I come in. I can promote your event beforehand, run giveaways to garner attendance, or show up at your event and promote it on my social media or yours- so you can concentrate on other stuff. 

Types Of Press Trips

Individual Press Trip– you can send me, alone, to your destination to create content for my channels or yours.

Sample individual press trip blog post 

Family Press Trips– you may invite our whole family to your destination to create content for our channels, yours, or both.

If you invite me on a press trip with my children, you must understand that their needs are different than those of an adult, and we will need accommodations as such. No, my kids don’t nap in water parks, they don’t eat only one meal a day, and yes, they need potty breaks and beds.  (You’d be surprised the stuff I’ve been asked to put my kids through on a trip.)

However- my kids are seasoned press trip travelers, and having them in photos is so much better than when I travel on my own. Plus, they will tell me when an activity is dope, and when it’s no bueno.  I do prefer family press trips when possible.

Sample family press trip blog post

What To Expect From Me On A Press Trip

Honestly- expect me to hustle.

When I go on a press trip, I understand that it’s not just a free vacation. It’s an opportunity to collaborate with a destination I love to show my audience where they can spend their hard-earned dollars to relax with their own families.

When I need a vacation, I pay for it myself.

That means I post about your destination in real-time, according to the schedule we agree upon.

That means I write a blog post about your destination within a week of my return.

That means I promote the content I’ve created on all my channels for months after the trip.


A lot of brands ask about my equipment- and I get it. You aren’t looking for someone to snap a cell phone photo of your destination, throw it up on social media, and charge you a bunch of money for that. 

Rest-assured! I have professional equipment that includes: 

  • Macbook
  • iPhone 10
  • Canon 6D DSLR professional camera
  • DJI Mavic Drone
  • Sony Nex 5N mirrorless camera
  • Lightroom and PhotoShop digital image editing software

Oh- and I know how to use all of this like a boss too! 😉 

Press Trip Deliverables

Let’s work together to find the best content angle possible to promote your event or destination! Deliverables include:

Social Media Promotion- Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | You Tube

Social Media Takeover– I’ll create social media live from your channel!

Long from blog posts

  • Original article 800-1300 words- keyword research using SEM Rush and Google Search Console, SEO optimized
  • 5-6 original images, vertical, square and horizontal for easy cross-promotion on social media
  • 1-2 Pinterest Pins
  • 1-3 links back to your site or product

Travel videos– short-form travel videos to highlight the best of your destination

Press Trip Rates

You’ll have to contact me for rates– because they change depending on the season, and depending on how much room I have in my editorial calendar. Ask about bundle rates- if you are looking for multiple posts or types of social media promotion, I love to give discounts.

Note: I will always comply with all of the FTC Guidelines for social media posting, and the Google recommendations for no-follow and do-follow links. 

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