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Welcome to Tico-ish, a vlog about all things Costa Rica (ish). Each episode focuses on a different aspect of living and traveling in and around Costa Rica, and is hosted by Christa of Pura Vida Moms and Ryan of Costa Rica Outsider. Christa and Ryan have known each other since their days in Mrs. Dean’s Home Economics class at Boltz Junior High School in Fort Collins, Colorado – and they are also now married to people from the same hometown in Costa Rica. Ryan and his wife Angela have built their dream home in Berlín de San Ramón, Costa Rica – where they are currently living with their son. Christa and her husband Ricardo bought a cute little bungalow in the heart of Denver, Colorado – where they currently live with their two daughters.

Christa and Ryan have a great sense of humor, an insatiable travel bug, and lots of observation on ex-pat life – and really cool blogs. They’ve teamed up to talk, live, about their experiences with life with Costa Ricans and in Costa Rica, and they invite you to join them in their journey. You can find show notes alternating between Pura Vida Moms and Costa Rica Outsider, and all the videos live on Pura Vida Mom’s You Tube Channel so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode!

You can find Christa and Ryan on Social Media, and engage in behind the scenes conversations about their content using the hashtag #Ticoish. Thanks so much for hanging out with us – we welcome your comments!


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