10 Best Weight Loss Recipes From Around The World

Crispy sugar free Asian Brussels sprouts in an orange bowl.

Ever wanted to lose weight fast with a tried and true weight loss program? Profile by Sanford is working for me. It combines nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching with Profile meals for a fast way to lose weight.

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you probably know that I struggle to keep myself at a weight I feel good at. I’ve experimented with adding tons more exercise with my 10,000 steps a day challenge, tried eating a vegan diet during the daytime for 100 days, and even done a very expensive weight loss program where I dieted and exercised for 16 weeks.

And still- here I am, almost 5 years after Little Sister was born, with extra weight around my middle that I just can’t seem to get off. I’ve had a goal weight for myself for many years, and not been able to achieve it. 

Character encounters, tons of rides, parades, healthy kid's meals and a Baby Care center- Disneyland with preschoolers is unforgettable!

And yes- it’s not all about the scale. But it’s also a bit about the scale when you want to look and feel a certain way.

Now let’s be clear- I am not trying to be skinny. Not even. But I just feel sometimes like my clothes don’t fit like I’d like to, or those styles that used to flatter me no longer do since I’ve added weight around the middle.

That’s why I’ve decided to partner with Profile by Sanford here in Denver to participate in their nutrition, activity, and lifestyle coaching program for one year- and share my progress with you!

What Is Profile By Sanford?

Profile by Sanford is a personalized weight loss program researched and developed by the scientists, registered dieticians and doctors from Sanford Health, one of the nation’s largest health care systems. 

The program’s ultimate goal is to have members experience extraordinary weight loss in a healthy way and then gradually move back into a full lifestyle change to keep the weight off. It’s the real deal. 

profile by sanford weight loss program materials

And it’s a super comprehensive program. Even just when signing up I was given all the tools I needed for success.  That includes personal smart scale that tracks body weight, body composition, and body mass index.

Then I took a DNA test that will tell me which foods are the best for me to eat to optimize weight loss. And my coach gifted me a weight loss journey book with healthy mindset thought starters. 

From there, I was given my specific meal plans, the Profile food I needed to get started, and off I went! 

journal, meal replacement shake and blender bottle

Why Profile by Sanford?

Like I said before, I’m not trying to be super skinny, but I do want to feel better about my physical appearance. When I sat down with my personal coach (she’s not a registered dietitian but she knows her stuff!), she was adamant about my defining my personal goals as she was about what my final number on the scale would be when I finish the program.

We sat down together to define the reasons I want to lose weight, and here’s what I said:

  • I want to feel better in my clothes
  • I want to feel strong and energized
  • I want to give myself permission to take care of myself on a daily basis- not sporadically

And the barriers? Here’s mine:

  • I’m in charge of the food at home, so it’s going to be hard to make food for everyone else and not eat it
  • I tend to eat my feelings, so stressful times are hard to make good food choices
  • Taking care of myself means I have to be better at personal time management in order to meet my personal nutrition goals

I know some of you can relate, right?

My Individual Weight Loss- Denver

So I live in Denver, where Profile by Sanford has just opened several franchises. There’s one in Stapleton, a store in Cherry Creek and one in Broomfield. (If you aren’t in the Denver area, you can check out the Profile by Sanford Store Locator for a store near you.)

When I was approached by the program about trying it out, I did want to lose weight, but I was also still enjoying my beer and fried food heyday since we had just moved home from Costa Rica.

woman standing in front of profile by sanford sign

Which is why, before I started my program, I was super nervous to give up my favorite foods. The night before the program started, I totally binged ate some Chick-Fil-a and drank an extra glass of Vinho Verde. Then I mentally prepared to be hungry for a year. 

The first days on the program were so much easier than I expected though! I get 6 meals a day! 

Because the meal replacements- (shakes and bars) have really delicious flavors (I love the Salted Caramel and Mocha Latte) I wasn’t hungry too often. The shakes are kind of appetite suppressants since they are so filling. 

Plus, Profile builds in all kinds of fun Flex foods that satisfy the psychological need for a variety of foods. For example, even though I’m on a super low carb diet, I still crave candy after lunch. I’ve been like that forever. But with the Slimwise Chews, I can have a piece of candy and it’s still on plan.

For dinner, I love that I can choose portions of tons of different meats for my lean protein. The best? Combining it with the Profile shelf-stable noodles to satisfy my carb craving in the evening. 

shrimp in red sauce with noodles and salad

So on the last program, I was on, I lost a total of 20 lbs in 16 weeks- and I fought for every single ounce. Guess how much I lost in the first three weeks on Profile?

10 pounds!

That’s right, I hit my first benchmark goal in just three weeks. That’s the power of medical weight loss that combines nutrition with mindset. Here are my numbers after 21 days:

  • Weight: -9.9
  • BMI: -1.7
  • Body Fat percentage: -2.3%

Woot woot!

What To Eat On Profile Reboot Plan

I’ve decided to stick on the original plan, called Reboot, for a bit longer to really keep the weight loss momentum going strong. 

But that means I have had to get creative with some of my meal choices.  Specifically, getting enough vegetables into my diet each and keeping my food interesting enough that I don’t crave junk. 

three plates of healthy food salad, bressels sprouts, soup and guacamole

I decided to round up some of my favorite Reboot Recipes approved by Sanford Health. These are great recipes to aid on long term weight loss- and also help me lose weight while on plan. 

(Disclaimer- I have been paid by Profile by Sanford to share my weight loss journey with you. Individual results may vary. This program is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.)

Weight Loss Recipes For Healthy Living - Profile By Sanford

This list of healthy weight loss recipes approved by Profile by Sanford will help jump-start your weight loss journey. These are Reboot approved recipes- just need to pay attention to a few modifications.

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