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Ultimate DIY Frozen Birthday Party

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A roundup of the best and easiest Frozen birthday party activities- perfect for busy moms on a budget. This ultimate Frozen birthday party will make your kids and your wallet happy!

DIY Frozen Birthday Party

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It’s a big year for us- Big Sister turns 5. It seems like just yesterday I was teaching full time and anticipating the birth of a new baby. I remember going into labor during class, and not really even realizing that was what was happening until much later. Probably since labor lasted almost two days and the baby was two weeks early. And now, here we are, planning the ultimate Frozen birthday party.

DIY Frozen Birthday Party Tablescape

Our girls LOVE want to have birthday parties and I just can’t say no! find myself unable to say no. That said, we definitely do not have an unlimited budget, and I generally try to keep the cost of a party between $100 and $150- including the bouncy castle rental! That means that I do the baking and we DIY our decorations, and we have anyone over to our house. I wanted to share with you what we are creating for the Frozen birthday party this year!

Frozen Birthday Party Decorations

I raided the Dollar Tree for decorations, but I did splurge on a few things on Amazon (affiliate links). I bought a light up wall art canvas with LEDs that will stay in Big Sister’s room, and one of the light up letter boxes that you can customize the letters so I could write a happy birthday message to her.

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Frozen Birthday Party Food

We had the party from 4-6 pm so as to avoid mealtime and be able to serve snacks. Here's what we served:

I then popped up some popcorn and bought some cheese balls. We drank juice out of cups from the dollar store. Food budget was about $50.

Frozen Birthday Party Cupcakes

Frozen Birthday Party Games

We had the party at our house, and we invited my daughter's whole calss. We did that because we didn't feel it was fair to invite some kids and not others. This is the first year we have also asked parents to drop off their kids instead of staying with them- I didn't want to spend the time or energy trying to entertain and feed adults too. This means that we needed to keep the kids busy for two hours!  We rented a bouncy house, and then did these activities:

And for the goodie bags I kept it really simple by sending home these adorable deconstructed snowmen!

Frozen Birthday Party DIY Party Favor

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And that's it! Have you ever done a Frozen birthday party? What were your best activities and ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ultimate DIY Frozen Birthday Party

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