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This is a sponsored post. One of the most nerve-wracking and expensive purchases we make is a car purchase. I feel like a car is almost a necessity here in Denver, but also such a huge purchase. It can be hard to decide which vehicle to buy, what to do with your old vehicle, whether a car should be new or used, and then of course, figuring out a price and financing. But the most stressful part of buying cars for me in the past few years has been figuring out the best vehicle for our car seats!

Nissan Car is a great place to begin your shopping journey. Right on the homepage there are drop down menus for you to search for cars in your area. You can choose from new, used, or certified, and then your make model and price.

Range Rover Dream Car

This allows you to compare cars from all kinds of dealerships in your area- or any area you choose. I love the ability to compare for myself, rather than having to rely on a car salesman to tell me if I’m getting a good deal or not. And honestly, even though we just bought a car, I can already see myself looking at my dream car on this site pretty often! is a great resource for purchasing cars, and the car seat safety check resources are super helpful for parents. also has a ton of articles on car seat safety– including which cars can fit three car seats, and car seat installation checks on almost any make and model of vehicle you drive. It’s a great resource for double checking that the seats are properly installed.

So make sure to head over to when you start shipping for your next vehicle. And then tell us in the comments below- what’s your dream car?

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