Tico-ish Episode #005 – Costa Rica Beaches

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tico-ish episode #005 Costa Rica Beaches

It is downright impossible to think of Costa Rica without thinking of the miles and miles (and miles!) of pristine beaches that cover both coastlines of the country. There are almost 300 beaches in Costa Rica, spanning the Carribean and Pacific coasts. It would be impossible to visit them all in one trip, but luckily Ryan and Christa have been visiting Costa Rica beaches for almost 20 years between them, and in this episode of Tico-ish we discuss our favorite beaches and tips for visiting beaches in Costa Rica. Highlights include:

  • Seeing Ryan’s dad’s library here in Colorado – rumor has it there is a Sarah Palin book in there.
  • Ryan’s favorite day trip beach
  • Christa’s favorite beaches
  • Ryan’s wife Angela’s aversion to salt water
  • What Costa Rican beach culture is all about

Insider Tip: It’s popular and normal to picnic on the beach in Costa Rica with alcoholic beverages. Know, however, that technically consuming alcohol in public is illegal in Costa Rica (this came as a surprise to both Ryan and Christa). Consume responsibly, and make sure to pack out all of your trash. We want to make sure to keep Costa Rica beaches pristine for the next generation!

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