Tico-ish Episode #001 – Our Fate Is Sealed

Tico-ish meme #1

Yep, that’s us, cerca 1996, awkwardly posing for the Homecoming Dance photo. Viva Fort Collins High School!

Childhood small-town USA friends who married people from the same small town in Costa Rica? Yep, that’s Christa and Ryan, here to tell outsiders looking in what it’s like to be almost-Costa Rican.  Ryan Sitzman is a blog empresario who owns four websties, two of which are: www.sitzmanabc.com, and www.costaricaoutsider.com, and has contributed to countless other sites in his spare time. He currently resides in Berlin de San Ramon, Costa Rica with his wife and son. Christa Jimenez is the owner of puravidamoms.com and the co-creator of the #BilingualWe community. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her tico husband and two daughters. These two met in 1993 at Boltz Junior High School, and have a LOT to say about multicultural and ex-pat living.

The garter was tossed... and no single man wanted to catch it - or even pick it up! Ryan Sitzman swoops in and saves the day.

The garter was tossed… and no single man wanted to catch it – or even pick it up! Ryan Sitzman swoops in and saves the day. I should also note that every single man in this photo is married today, except my very handsome and eligible brother on the far right, and the best man.


Tico-ish wedding madness

Ryan’s tico-ish fate is sealed at Christa’s wedding after he reluctantly picked up the garter, then wore it in style.

Here’s what we discuss in our inaugural episode:

  1. How we met… and how memory can fail even the best of us. (Sitzman gets pensive.)
  2. How ironic 80’s movies inadvertently sealed Ryan’s tico fate at Christa’s wedding (Christa gets nostalgic)
  3. Memorable quotes such as: “Drawing that cow still is my only talent.” “I’m Ryan and I drive a bus.” “I didn’t know that you could make egg drop soup outside of a restaurant, so good job.” “You can’t see my Elvis poster right now.” “That mix tape was awesome.”

Check us out, and let us know what you think by commenting below. Or just using our ridiculous hashtag #ticoish on Social Media. And stay tuned for our next episode on… shopping, Costa Rica-style.

For Ryan’s take on our episode, check out this post!

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  • Reply
    June 28, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Great post, although I am a bit biased!

    I’m looking forward to making more videos about Costa Rica, bilingualism, and egg drop soup in the future.

    Yes, I do mean that: egg drop soup in the future. What new techniques will be developed, both in Chinese restaurants and beyond? Will science finally perfect Egg Beaters egg substitute soup? And, of course, what is in store for egg plop soup–will it be taken off the International Olympics Committee’s list of banned substances in time for next month’s summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro?? There’s a world of egg drop soup information out there, but to avoid burning our brain tongues, in this first episode we just sipped from the top to get a taste, so to speak.

    Also, three small comments/clarifications, just to correct the record:

    1. It’s actually an Elvis towel, not a poster, so it’s useful for when our roof inevitably leaks during the rainy season.

    2. I probably couldn’t draw that cow these days. All of my drawings have devolved dramatically (not that they were even recognizable to begin with), to the point where my students can’t tell the different between the cats and the cars that I draw to illustrate vocabulary items.

    3. That thing I’m wearing on my head in the third picture is a combination of a glow stick (I think) and a gum wrapper. I believe I called it a “Xanadu headband,” but in hindsight, I have no idea what that means.

    Thanks again!

    • Reply
      July 10, 2016 at 3:16 pm

      Hey Sitzman,
      Nothing like a nice rambling comment on the blog. Ha. I have no idea about the future of egg drop soup, but I’m going to change the subject.
      1. Elvis towel. Would you really use Elivs for a roof leak? Seems sacrilegious.
      2. I bet you could draw that cow. In fact, I challenge you to do it!
      3. Good thing you explained that head gear… now that we know it was intentional we think you are super weird.

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