Subaru 2018 Crosstrek – Safety Feature Review

2018 Subaru Crosstrek Safety Features

Subaru’s all new 2018 Crosstrek is a versatile and safe car that is a great value- and super fun to drive in the city or off road!

2018 Subaru Crosstrek Safety Features

Ever since I was a young girl, cars have been a huge part of my life. Some of my first memories are of my dad fixing up his 1971 Chevelles in our garage while us kids rode bikes on the driveway. When I turned 16, my dad and I bought and restored a 1952 Ford Fairlane that I named Lucy.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek in Colorado

As an adult, I’ve owned quite a few different cars, and as an international traveler I have driven more types of rental cars than you can count. Some were hands down amazing- and some (like the car that died 2 hours north of San Jose on the way to the beach) were not. Suffice to say- I love driving cars I haven’t driven before!

Subaru 2018 Crosstrek Rocky Mountains

So when Subaru reached out to ask if I wanted to test drive the new 2018 Crosstrek, I didn’t think twice about saying yes. I was given a gas card and the car for one week in exchange for this post- all thoughts are my own. After driving this car, I can say that the 2018 Crosstrek is a super safe car that is so fun to drive that I felt like a total diva behind the wheel.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek

I drove the 2018 Crosstrek on my regular errands in Denver during the week, and then on the weekend I took her to Littleton for Santa’s Toy Factory (about 30 minutes each way), and then on a fun mountain loop up to Leadville, the highest city in Colorado. The 2018 Crosstrek handled perfectly on all types of terrain, and I loved how difficult it was to get dirty. There is so much to say about the 2018 Crosstrek, but let’s talk about the amazing safety features included!

Subaru Crosstrek 2018 Edition

2018 Crosstrek Safety Features- Audio signals

The 2018 Crosstrek will nicely tell you when things are happening. For example, she beeped at me when the car in front of me had started to move. She also beeped at me when someone in front of me was braking and I was getting too close. Perfect for when the kids are fighting in the back of the car. (Not that mine ever do…lol). The cool thing is that I could adjust the volume of all of these alerts.

2018 Crosstrek Subaru AWD

2018 Crosstrek Safety Features- Visual Signals

The dashboard on this car is SICK. Sick sick sick. I love it. There is the typical RPM and speedometer dials, but there is also a digital middle panel on which you can adjust the view- and I loved adding the digital speedometer so I knew exactly how fast I was going.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek Interior

On each rearview mirror there is a light that blinks when someone was in my blindspot. I didn’t love this feature in stop and go traffic- I wanted to say to the car- “Yes, I know someone is in my blindspot! It’s rush hour!!”  I did love that feature when I was driving on the highway though. I also loved that the rearview camera told me how to parallel park. How handy is that?

2018 Crosstrek Safety Features- Touch Signals

Ok so hang with me here on this one. I’m a dancer- and the BEST dance partners are the ones that guide me to do my best dancing, but also reign me in when I get too crazy. This is EXACTLY what driving the 2018 Crosstrek is like. There is a lane change assist feature that lets you know when you are departing your lane, but also pulls you back when you get too far outside of the lane. And for mountain driving, the steering wheel helped me to hug the inside lanes. This was a delicious car to drive.

Steering Column 2018 Crosstrek

Size of The Crosstrek

The most frequent question about this car came from my Facebook fans – parents who want to know about the size of the 20198 Crosstrek from the perspective of a mom of two kids in car seats. With two car seats, the back row is pretty crowded- and adding a third person there is tight.

Car Seats in 2018 Subaru Crosstrek

The trunk space of the 2018 Crosstrek is really well designed, but not really that big. The car comes with roof racks standard, and so storing stuff on the top of the car is definitely an option for longer trips. However- honestly and truly this car felt a bit small for our family of four.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek Trunk Size

For more information on the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, including pricing, availability and leasing information, please visit or visit your local Subaru dealer.

What other questions do you have about the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek? We can’t wait to answer them for you in the comments below!

Safety Features 2018 Subaru Crosstrek

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