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Hi! I'm Christa. Like most of us, I"m tough to define. Here some of my favorite words:


bilingual mom, travel addict, bicultural, woke, girl mom, writer, photographer, creator, giver, zest for life, Cornhusker, Colorado native, Costa Rica lover, Zumba fanatic, bibliophile, beach bum, thrillseeker, foodie, dancer, super-smart business woman


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Pura Vida Moms is a blog- and my home away from home. I started this blog in March of 2016 after I realized that it didn't make financial sense for me to return to full time public school teaching with two little kids.  I still needed to make some extra money, and I wanted to use my brain. Thus Pura Vida Moms was born.


What's different about Pura Vida Moms is that it's a true lifestyle website. I don't just write about one single thing. That's because I don't just do or love one single thing- and I bet you don't either!



We are broken up into three main verticals- Bilingual Parenting, Family Travel, and Recipes. Everything we do comes from the perspective of two cultures, two languages and two identities. Below I'll give you a quick overview of our categories and our top posts in each one. Thank you so much for stopping by- I am so happy you are here!




Food binds our family together. We sit down for family meals at least once a day, and we celebrate our two cultures through food. And we like to eat good food!

Check out our best recipes- whether you are looking for Costa Rican recipes,  dip recipes, world cuisine or anything else, you can browse our recipe category for some delicious and unique recipes.

Family Travel

Family travel can mean anything from a day trip to a multi-country adventure of a lifetime. We cover all aspects of family travel to our favorite destinations- Costa Rica Travel, Colorado Travel, more. We even build custom Costa Rica travel itineraries.

Bilingual Parenting

Resources for parents who speak two languages at home. Our focus in on Spanish since we are a Costa Rican family, but there are lots of general tips for all kinds of bilingual families too..

Other Important Info About Pura Vida Moms

I make my full-time income from blogging. That means occasionally you'll see disclosures at the bottom of my posts for paid endorsements or free product I've received for review.


If I receive a product for review that I really can't endorse, chances are you'll never see it here on my site.


The products I do include are 100% vetted by me- and I promise to give you my honest opinion about them. You can read more about the legal stuff on my Privacy Policy and Disclosures page.


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