15 Podcasts in Spanish You’ll Love!

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Podcasts have officially taken the world by storm, and for good reason! Perfect for commuters, lunch breaks, or working out, or just screen-free family time- these audio programs are an informative and engaging way to pass the time.

Since its conception, the podcast slate has come to include tons of fantastic Spanish-language content. There were so many to choose from, but we finally narrowed the list down to 15 of our favorites! These are a must-listen for any Spanish-obsessed parent or kid.

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your Spanish skills, engage with the culture of the Hispanic world, or introduce your children to the Spanish language, we’ve got you covered! 

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Here are our selections for 15 of the best Spanish podcasts out there now: 

Learn Spanish Podcasts:

Coffee Break Spanish

 Designed for beginner through advanced learners, this podcast consists of 15-20 minute lessons taught by Scotland-based Spanish teacher, Mark, and his fellow co-hosts.

Lessons are straightforward and practical, but do rely heavily on English for instructional purposes. Launched in 2008 by the Radio Lingua network, the Coffee Break Spanish podcast has hundreds of individual lessons that gradually improve your Spanish.

Spanish Pod 101

A bit more of an online instructional course than a podcast, Spanish Pod 101 is a hybrid video and audio learning platform with daily lessons geared toward beginner level through advanced Spanish-speakers.

Excellent study resources like flashcards, slideshows, and line-by-line breakdowns with native speakers are available for users, and lessons follow a logical easy-to-follow progression. Best of all, regional dialects from all over the Spanish speaking world are introduced!

News In Slow Spanish

This news podcast is an excellent resource for intermediate Spanish-learners! Information is delivered slowly (as advertised!) and clearly, allowing the listener to fully absorb and understand the content.

Current events from around the world can be listened to in either Latin American or Spain-based dialects, and episode transcripts are available to read along with. This is perfect for learning the language in a slow and controlled situation as most listeners have some background knowledge of the content.

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Travel, Culture, and Informational Podcasts

Mejor Vete Cristina

 Mejor Vete Cristina, or “You’d Better Leave, Cristina,” in English, details the remarkable journey of Cristina Martínez, an undocmented Mexican chef whose Philadelphia-based barbacoa restaurant is now recognized among America’s 10 best. 

This podcast is from Univison- make sure to check out their other podcasts as well!

El souvenir

In this highly-rated podcast, a team of travelers shares their favorite destinations in Mexico and the world beyond. Perfect for travel enthusiasts, those looking for new words and phrases in Spanish and advanced Spanish language learners. 

TED en español

TED’s Spanish language division has an entire slate of programs featuring both Spanish audio and subtitles. Speakers discuss a variety of topics, sharing revolutionary and insightful ideas worth spreading! 

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La mesa con León Krauze

In his weekly podcast, journalist León Krauze interviews Hispanic immigrants living in Los Angeles about their experiences.

Discussions center around the realities of being a Hispanic immigrant to the United States and all of the challenges and triumphs associated with it. Conversations are personal, powerful, and often deeply moving.

Contra Poder with Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos is one of our most notable bilingual newscasters. Hailing from Mexico and naturalized in the US, this father is constantly looking for ways to go against the grain and question the status quo. As articulate is he is well-researched, Jorge Ramos is a joy to listen to.


 From Spain’s public radio station (Radio Nacional de España), this travel podcast takes the listener to different destinations across the globe. Featuring music, literature, local testimonies, and beyond, Nómadas is an informative and engaging auditory experience. 

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Tres Cuentos Bilingual Podcast

Hosted by storytelling artist and author Carolina Quiroga-Stultz, this bilingual podcast celebrates both the traditional tales of the Latin American world and the work of modern Latino authors.

Podcast segments run for about an hour apiece and are available in both Spanish and English.


From NPR, this award-winning Spanish language podcast covers memorable stories from Latin America and beyond. I especially adore this podcast because one of the anchors is Costa Rican- listening to accents from home is rare and wonderful.

Radio Ambulante has been acclaimed for its high-quality journalism and the genuine emotional resonance and social attunement of its stories. Transcripts and notes in Spanish of each 30-minute episode are available on the website for those that wish to follow along.

Each episode highlights a little-known story from a specific country in Latin America.

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Kid and Teen Spanish Podcast Recommendations

El misterio de la calle Cervantes

 From the language learning service Babbel, this five-part series tells the story of three roommates living on Calle Cervantes, Madrid.

Great for intermediate to advanced learners (especially teens) this podcast introduces the listener to colloquialisms and sayings courtesy of native Spanish speakers Paula and David and their student, Fidi.

Cuentos de la luz de la luna

This kid-friendly podcast features a huge collection of  25-minute narrations of classic fairytales, religious stories, and mythic narratives adapted for a modern audience. Old favorites like Beauty and the Beast (La Bella y la Bestia), The Wizard of Oz (El Mago de Oz), and David and Goliath (David y Goliath) all make an appearance.

The language is at an intermediate to advanced level, so these podcasts lend themselves well to both fluent children and adults looking to expand on their Spanish speaking skills. Ages 5+.

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Allegro Mágico

A delightful and well-researched podcast, Allegro Mágico is designed to share classical music and the history behind it from all over the world with young children. Ages 4+

Eat Your Spanish Podcast

Developed by a husband and wife duo with a background in Montessori education, this podcast combines their shared love of music and the Spanish language. Eat your Spanish follows an interactive format and features singalong songs, games, and stories intended to introduce young children and their families to Spanish. Ages 3-6+

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Sesame Street en las comunidades

 From parent company Sesame Street, the Sesame Street en las comunidades podcast offers a sensitive and compassionate look at friendship, school, emotional health, and many other issues young listeners might encounter.

Told in 4-5 minute segments, Sesame Street en las comunidades features deliberate and clear narration and is great for kids ages 5+.

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