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Spanish Dresser Drawer Labels Printable

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Every parent can relate to a messy toddler room- as soon as our kids learn to dress themselves they want to change clothes constantly. While adorable, this can also lead to messy, messy rooms. At Casa Pura Vida, we are always looking for ways to reinforce our home language of Spanish, and keep mom from spending all her time cleaning and organizing. That’s why we share with you our free printable Spanish labels for organizing your child’s dresser drawers.


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I recently invested in this laminating machine (affiliate) and it works super well. Totally worth the money, in my opinion.


  • Print the Spanish drawer labels
  • Cut apart the labels- they should be about the size of a 3 x 5 index card
  • Laminate the cards. If you aren’t going to laminate with a laminator, I used packing tape to cover them on both sides for my older daughter’s dresser drawers.
  • Add tape to the back and place labels on the dresser drawers

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How To Make It A Game

I introduced this activity to my kids after I had sorted and folded laundry in the laundry basket. As a team, we decided which clothes would go in which drawer, and labeled the drawers accordingly. Then, we classified the laundry by drawer, looking at the picture on the label and saying the word printed there. The expectation moving forward is that my four year old can put away her own laundry according to the labels.

Sanity Tip

If your kids are going to be putting away their own clothes, the inside of the dresser drawer will most likely not look as organized as if you put the clothes away yourself. The benefits of this system, in my opinion, greatly outweigh the messy dresser drawers. Your child will be taking ownership over the cleanliness of their room, and will be developing pre-reading skills by looking at vocabulary word and picture cards every single day.

What other ideas do you have for making language learning fun? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hola Christa! nos conocimos en WAG! no se si te acuerdas, pero no había tenido la oportunidad de conocer tu blog. El juego esta buenisimo! a ver si puedo comenzar a enseñarle a mi niño a organizar su ropa

  2. Me parece una grandísima idea, aprenden, ayudan y se lo pasan genial. Yo lo utilizo (algo parecido) con mis nenes de clase!


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