Terracotta Half-Moon Earrings


2 pieces of wood laser cut in to half moons that represent the UNESCO World Heritage Patrimony of the pained ox carts in Costa Rica. Hand-painted directly onto the wood thanks to El Canto’s alliance with the artesian painters in Sarchi.  

Available in Jade, Terracotta, Blue, Turquoise, and Angular

Materials: wood, acrylic paint, polyurethane finish, and steel earring backs. 

These earrings are the perfect gift as they come in a gift box with a short summary of the product and a certificate of authenticity signed by the designer.

These earrings are sourced from a women-owned business and hand-painted by Costa Rican artists trained in the typical ox cart painting tradition from Sarchi- a UNESCO patrimony of the arts.  Your purchase directly supports Costa Rican artisans who are paid fair wages to produce these products.

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2 Piezas de madera cortadas en forma de media rueda, con la precisión del láser, pintadas directamente sobre la madera a mano, gracias a alianzas con artesanos de Sarchí, y por su puesto la pasión que siempre nos caracteriza.

Ornamento representado: Rueda de carreta

Colores disponibles: Jade, Terracota, Azul, Turquesa y Angular.

Materiales utilizados: Madera, metal, pintura acrílica. 

Acabado permanente brillante. 

Especiales para regalo, ya que cada par está empacado en una caja de cartón con un breve reseña del origen del producto.

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