Morenitos Hard Candy Costa Rica


Origin: Costa Rica

Size: 7.4 oz

Ingredients: sugar, glucose, milk powder, margarine, whey powder, soy lecithin, salt, sodium, bicarbonate, artificial milk flavor

Allergy information: Vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free.

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Product Description

Morenitos are milky hard candies that taste like a cross between milky brown sugar and caramel. Individually wrapped- these candies do not melt! Each bag is sized for sharing, containing 50 pieces. 

If you are familiar with the bags of candy available in Costa Rica- these are about double the size. Perfect for stocking stuffers at Christmas, filling Easter eggs, or for bribing your children to speak Spanish! (Kidding.) 

This candy brings joy- so add it to your bag along with our Guayabitas chocolate candy!