Black Handkerchief - Small


Size: 33×33 cm (13 in x 13 in) 

Fabric: 100% polyester
Single-sided sublimation print
Silky texture and light satin finish
Narrow rolled hem.
Fabric tag on back of fabric

Design also available in large (68×68 cm or 26.7×26.7 in) and medium (46×46 cm or 18.1×18.1 in)

Can be used as hair tie, silk pocket square, bracelet or home decoration.

100% made in Costa Rica.

Sourced from a women-owned business and hand-sewn by professional Costa Rican seamstresses. Your purchase directly supports Costa Rican artisans and seamstresses who are paid fair wages to produce these products.

NOTE: If you would like to use this handkerchief around your neck, we recommend using the medium or large size.

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Product Description

Pañoleta Pequeña Negro

Medida: 33×33 centímetros

Tela 100% poliéster.
Sublimada a una cara.
Textura asedada. Acabado satinado leve.
Ruedo tipo repulgo en orillas.
Etiqueta de tela en reverso.

Diseño también disponible en tamaño grande (68x68cm) y mediano (46x46cm).

Hecho 100% en Costa Rica.

NOTA: si deseas utilizar la pañoleta en el cuello, te recomendamos utilizar el tamaño mediano o grande.