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Looking for authentic Spanish literature that grows along with your kids? Nacho Books from Susaeta is the perfect way to help reinforce Spanish Spanish at home for all ages!

About Nacho Books

Nacho Books is a great physical book company started by Manuela, which brings authentic Spanish literature to families in the United States who are looking to reinforce the Spanish language in their Spanish-speaking homes.

Manuela understands the inherent problem that so many bilingual parents face. We are looking for every resource under the sun to reinforce Spanish at home, but so many of the books imported from Latin America rely very heavily on a cultural understanding from a specific country that many of our kids just don’t have.

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An example- the public school books from Mexico talk a lot about regional Mexican history- and many kids and parents living in the United States (especially those of us who aren’t Mexican) can’t grasp the language because we don’t have the background knowledge of the content in the book.

It’s a common problem- and the reason I have hesitated to import Costa Rican books so far.

Mauela has solved this problem by curating and importing authentic Spanish language books from Colombia that don’t rely on background knowledge, and instead teach children of all ages in Spanish about different types of content that everyone can grasp.

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What We Love About Nacho Books

These might be my favorite books that I have EVER received to product test. Here’s why:

Kids Love Them

My kids couldn’t keep their hands off of them. Whatever it is about the illustrations and text makes them engaging for kids, and on more than one occasion I woke up in the morning to find my kids in bed with their Nacho books that they’d stolen off my desk. So that’s the #1 reason to get them- kids love them.

This book is the big winner at Casa Pura Vida!

Support for K-12 Students

Never (and I mean NEVER) have I seen a set of books that start with pre-readers and end with high school-level content. I always find a curriculum that works for a couple of years, and then my kids grow out of it. This is supremely annoying as I feel like I have to start at square one again. Manuela curated a group of books for all ages and sent them to us and I was highly impressed.

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Each of the resources I tested (besides the picture books) had an interactive component. There is a Level 1 grammar guide that gives ample space for kids to write in their own answers to age and language-appropriate activities.

I love the Nacho Recortables book- it provides manipulatives in Spanish that kids can cut out (fine motor skills) and that build technical vocabulary about a variety of subjects.

Grades 6-12

I am really impressed with the art book that I tested for grades 6-12. Each activity gives technical vocabulary for high-level art concepts as well as specific art techniques that build upon each other.

I’d love to use these in the Native Speakers classroom.

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What Could Be Improved

The main thing to know is that the workbooks, art books, reading books and pre-readers are all meant for one child to use them. This means that if you have multiple children at home or are using these in a classroom setting, you will need to purchase a book for each student or child. There’s a solution to that however… see next section!

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Nacho Books Give Back in Colombia

Nacho Books’ program called Nacho Por Nacho. This project consists of donating a book to a foundation in Colombia every time there is a purchase here in the U.S.

This is an especially important program for rural Colombia where there is little to no access to online resources, and therefore books are so important to families.

Where To Buy Nacho Books

Remember that when you buy Nacho books directly from their website, you get 15% off when you use the code Nacho15, and for every book you buy, one books is donated to a rural Colombian child in need.

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