These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things….

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This is my list of favorite things- products I can’t live without and recommend without reservation.

If you have a product that you’d like included on this list please send me an email at christa@puravidamoms.com and we can talk about product testing and review opportunities on this site.

If you have a product you love that I don’t know about- comment below and I’ll try it out. 


In 2020 I grew my site by tenfold and upped my passive income a lot. Here are my tried and true blogging resources:

Costa Rican Cooking Essentials

These are the products I use every day in my kitchen to turn out authentic and delicious Costa Rican food.

Costa Rica Travel Essentials

When in Costa Rica, these are the things I absolutely do not leave home without:

Bilingual Parenting Essentials

Raising bilingual kids is not easy- but it is so rewarding. These are the best products out there:

Self Care – Stuff for Me

These are the things that I use to take care of myself and stay happy and sane:

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