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Monster Jam With Kids

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If you decide to take your kids to Monster Jam, keep in mind these tips to maximize the fun!

We recently headed over to Monster Jam here in Denver at the Pepsi Center. We’d never been and didn’t have a ton of idea what to expect. So we learned a lot and want to share our top Monster Jam With Kids Tips. In this article, I’ll tell you what to bring to Monster Jam and what to expect during the show. 

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About Monster Jam

If you aren’t super familiar with Monster Jam, here’s a good overview. Basically, there are several drivers who have branded big Monster Trucks and ATVs that they race in different types of competitions. Each competition is worth a different number of points. Audience members can vote on the winner after each competition by using a website called Judges Zone.

Here’s a fun Monster Jam video so you can see exactly what happens:

Monster Jam Truck Names

There are different Monster Trucks with different drivers, and each franchise has its own set of fans, and merchandising. Some of the Monster Truck names include:

  • Gravedigger
  • El toro loco
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Zombie
  • Earth Shaker
  • Megalodon
  • Monster Mutt
  • Black Ops 

What To Pack

So- the Monster Jam trucks are loud. Like- super loud. (We thought Disney on Ice was loud- that was nothing.) 

When we were walking up to the Pepsi Center, tons of people were selling earplugs, but they were expensive, and they were the roll-up ones that don’t fit in kids’ ears very well.  (Side note a dad next to use gave the roll-up ones to his son, and they were constantly falling out of his ears.)

So we bought some noise reduction headphones for the kids at Harbor Freight- I think they were around $10. You can also find a bunch of cute ones on Amazon. But you definitely want to bring ear protection for the kids.

My husband and I just used regular sponge earplugs.

You will want to take a phone charging brick- if you want to vote, you will have to do it quickly. Since the Monster Jam is in an arena, your phone will be looking for data, and your battery will drain super fast.

Monster Jam has a ton of merchandise, and it’s really expensive in the arena. If your kids love to have “stuff” when they watch these types of shows, I think you should just bring your own Monster Jam merchandise, or just some fun Monster Trucks fro the dollar store.

The show runs about 2 hours with an intermission- we checked the Pepsi Center policy and we were allowed to bring our own water bottle and snacks, so I bought those to save money. We would rather spend money on good seats than expensive concessions.

There isn’t a bad seat in the house, but if you can sit lower it is definitely cool to see the trucks flip from up close. And that’s it! Monster Jam is super great family fun for everyone!

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