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Ode to one of my favorite Costa Rican farms, Lecheria Corso.

Located on the skirts of the Poas Volcano near the sleepy little town of Grecia, Costa Rica, is a working farm that you can visit for the day. It’s also just around the corner from la Paz Waterfall Gardens and the Peace Lodge Hotel. Here’s all the info.


Lecheria Corso is a great day trip from San Jose or our hometown of San Ramon. It’s also not far from Sarchi, the home of the Costa Rican pained ox carts.

From the San Jose airport, Just take route 712 north until you get to the farm. I highly recommend renting a car in Costa Rica, and then you can just navigate using Waze or Google Maps.

The trip is about one hour. It’s in the Vara Blanca region of Costa Rica.

The Farm Experience

You’ll arrive on the farm and be greeted by views of the lush green pastures. The entrance is lined with blooming flowers, and there is an ample parking lot for cars and tour buses.

You’ll want to wear good shoes here– there are lots of dirt paths and mud in the rainy season.

You’ll arrive at a lovely wooden building that is home to the shop and the restaurant. From here you can take a tour of the farm- tours leave every so often.

You can choose to do the full tour, or just wander the area a bit. There’s a fun playground for kids here, and the ice cream is super fresh.

If you do choose to take a tour, you’ll get onto the back of a Caterpillar tractor.

This first stop is to milk cows. Everyone who wants to can milk a cow, and there’s even a race to see who can fill up the bucket the fastest. Kids love this.

Next, you’ll take a short walk through the rainforest where your guide will point out some of the most important flora and fauna.

The strawberry garden is next- you’ll be taught how to “properly” eat a strawberry and pick a few of your own to try.

Back at the cabin, you’ll be given an array of local cheeses to try before you are led back through the “pulperia” or gift shop.

You can buy fresh local milk, local candies made in the area, and any type of cheese or ice cream your heart desires.

The restaurant on site has phenomenal traditional Costa Rican food, and the prices are good. A lot of locals will come here just to have lunch and then go back to Grecia.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Lecheria Corso is in the morning, as the clouds can tend to roll in in the afternoon and it can get a bit rainy and/or chilly.

The farm is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm, with the last tour leaving at 4 pm.

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