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Living in Colorado is such a blessing! We have so many sunny days, great weather in general, and of course, the awesome opportunity to live near the Rocky Mountains. Our family loves to spend time outdoors, and as my children get older, we are constantly looking for fun hikes that we can do with everyone. This weekend we headed up to Lake Evergreen for a morning hike and picnic, and it was perfect for our 4 and 2 year olds. Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know about visiting Lake Evergreen, Colorado with your family.

Location/Arrival to Evergreen Lake

Lake Evergreen is located near the downtown hub of Evergreen, Colorado. Evergreen is about 45 minutes west of Downtown Denver on I-70, and an easy day trip from the city. Once you turn off of the interstate, Evergreen Lake is about 8 miles down the road. A warning- we used Google Maps to navigate to the parking lot- it took us to a dead end way away from where we were actually supposed to park. There are two trailheads and parking spots- one is just as you turn into Evergreen and then other is right by the dam on the last side of the lake. Everything is really easy to find, unless you use Google navigation. (Mostly kidding about the navigation part).

Activities at Evergreen Lake

The trail around the lake is a flat 1.3 miles- it’s super easy. Parts are paved and parts are not, but the hike is super easy and not strenuous. There is no shade around the trail, so plan accordingly if you are headed over at midday in the summer. At the time of writing, a portion of the trail was closed for restoration. We walked part of the trail and then moved the car over by the dam for a picnic and more hiking.

You can rent canoes, paddle boards, kayaks and paddle boats for a reasonable rate in the Summer.  There are LOTS of people that fish around the lake, although there is no fishing allowed beginning June 1.  You’ll find several picnic areas as well as bathrooms and a concession stand. Please note that no charcoal grills are allowed, and park rangers were ticketing on the day that we went. There is great birding around the lake as well, and I was wishing I had my binoculars.

What To Bring

We brought sunscreen and hats, water (there were bathrooms with hand sanitizer, but not drinking fountains). There were lots of trash cans and recycling bins, and we took along a picnic lunch to enjoy. There is an awesome green space in front of the picnic tables near the lake house, and lots of families were playing soccer, frisbee and football on the lawn. The entire route is stroller friendly as well.

The Bottom Line

Evergreen Lake is the perfect day trip from Denver, and even young children can begin to learn to walk and hike on the easy 1.3 mile route around the lake. This is a great spot to spend a morning walking, and a beautiful picnic spot. Look for more info about the lake, including rules and regulations, on the official site here.

What are your favorite hikes in Colorado? Tell us in the comments- we love to visit new places!

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