Jumbo Loan Benefits With Eave

One of the hands down best investments we have ever made is when we decided to purchase our home. I remember the process was so daunting- and we did most of the financing and shopping on our own because we didn’t know where to turn.

Buying a house is the biggest purchase that we have ever made- I’ll never forget signing all the paperwork on closing day and walking into our house thinking- is this real? There’s nothing in the world like it.

We were lucky- we bought into the Denver housing market before housing prices skyrocketed- now it’s almost impossible to buy a house without needing a jumbo loan. I’m excited to have partnered with Eave to bring you information on the benefits of using Eave’s white glove service when considering a jumbo loan for your mortgage.

Benefit #1- Advance Underwriting

Eave is a direct lender that underwrites your loan in advance. This means that as a consumer, you will know exactly how expensive of a home you can afford, and how much you will pay for that home. This would have helped us when shopping for our home- we often were unsure which homes we would be able to afford after adding in all of the extra fees.

Benefit #2- Local Loan Officers

One of the hardest things about my mortgage was having our loan officers on the West Coast- and therefore having to deal with the time change, and not always being able to get a hold of the person in charge of our loan. It really slowed things down. With Eave, local loan officers are on call throughout the entire process.

Benefit #3- Ethical Jumbo Loan Mortgages

I love that Eave makes a large donation in each homebuyer’s name to help build homes in India- so cool! But Eave also offers transparency in rates by removing lender fees and making rates as low as possible. Home buying with a conscious! Additionally Eave is trying to do things differently and created a company so that they could help homebuyers and their communities. In fact, for every application that comes from this blog post through the end of Sept. 2018, Eave will donate $10 to HomeAid Colorado,, which helps people who are homeless. Just use referral code CWT-Z5G.

Benefit #4- Guaranteed Closing

One of the scariest parts about the homebuying process is the limbo- between an offer being accepted and the closing. Pins and needles! With Eave-  “we guarantee that we’ll close successfully & on-time or we’ll reimburse your earnest money up to $100,000 (subject to conditions).” Sweet!

Whatever your dream home is- know that becoming a homeowner is possible, and Eave is here to help! For more information on their services, please visit their home page.

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