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How To Mail A Valentine From The Sweetheart City – Loveland!

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Instructions on how to mail a Valentine- the perfect Valentine! Anyone who plans ahead for Valentine’s Day even a little bit and has access to a post office can send the most adorable card through the official city of love- Loveland, Colorado!

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I have the best memories of Valentine’s Day growing up. It was because my mom always left my siblings and I a personalized Valentine’s Day card at our breakfast spot.

When I woke up, there would be a special declaration of love form her and my dad. It taught me that love doesn’t have to come from a man- and it was probably one of the most powerful lessons in feminism my mom ever taught me.

I want to carry that tradition on with my girls just like my mom did for me. Now that we have readers in the house, I am also carrying on another Colorado Valentine’s Day tradition of sending a card through Loveland (also known as the Sweetheart City) to have it stamped with a special stamp and poem before it arrives in the mailbox.

In this post, I’ll share with you exactly how to use the Loveland re-mailing program to send a unique and beautifully stamped Valentine to your loved one!

personalized valentines fro loveland colorado

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About The Loveland Valentine Remailing Program

The name “Loveland” says it all- however, it’s the city of love, and a great Denver getaway for families! Located about 40 miles north of Denver, Loveland is a sleepy little town that is the gateway to Estes Park for those of us driving in from the north or the west.

It’s also a town that takes Valentine’s Day very seriously- each year that unveil a new Valentine’s Day poem that will be stamped on thousand of cards sent through the area. Here’s a quick video about the tradition:

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How To Mail A Valentine Through Loveland, Colorado

1. Make your Valentine card. Write your message inside, and close it up in the first-class envelope the person receiving the Valentine will open. (Of course I made my message in Spanish!)

valentine card in spanish

2. Address the envelope as you would a normal letter. 

3. Get a larger envelope the Valentine will go inside of. In my case, I usually send a bunch of these all at once in the same larger envelope. I just bought an envelope at the post office.

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4. Purchase and hand stamp the letters with the stamp that you want to use. I love to buy the limited edition Valentine’s stamps from the USPS.

5. Address the larger envelope to the following address:

Postmaster – Attention Valentines
446 E. 29th St.
Loveland, CO 80538-9998

how to address a valentine through loveland

Remember important dates- mail sent outside of these dates may still arrive, but not in time for Valentine’s Day. 

2021 Valentine Remailing Important Dates:

February 1, 2021 International Mail Deadline February 7, 2021 U.S. States Deadline February 10, 2021 Colorado Deadline
If you are in or around Loveland, Colorado, you can drop your Valentine’s off at the Loveland post office- but if you live there you probably aren’t reading this post anyway because you already know what to do! 

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