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Healthy Travel Snacks For The Plane - Pura Vida Moms

Healthy Travel Snacks For The Plane

Best Healthy Travel Snacks

When it’s time for a family trip, there is nothing more important than keeping in mind the best healthy travel snacks. Whether you pack snacks for sustenance or entertainment- healthy travel snacks are a must for family travel.

BabbleBoxx National Nutrition Month

We are gearing up for our annual family trip to Costa Rica and I could not be more excited. We will be visiting all of our favorite spots- La Fortuna to see the volcano and soak in the hot springs, spend time at our favorite family beaches and hanging around our hometown eating tons of delicious Costa Rican food. (Did someone say chicken and rice? Shredded beef in tomato sauce? Or homemade vegetable beef soup?)

I digress!  Before we get to Costa Rica we actually have to get there- and that means anywhere between 12 and 14 hours of plane travel with two young children. (Need some long airport layover tips?)

. And- we go screen-free on plane and road trips–  which means I want to have lots of healthy food ready for when we get a bit, er, restless.

Best Healthy Travel Snacks

So I was thrilled to partner with BabbleBoxx during National Nutrition Month to share this roundup of healthy snacks that are perfect for a family travel day. I received samples of each product and compensation in exchange for this review, but I promise- all opinions are honest!

Healthy Travel Snacks

Preparing For The Family Trip

When I’m getting ready for a big travel day, I feel like breakfast is the most important part of the day- especially on the days when we leave super early in the morning. While I have often turned to diet soda first thing in the morning, I am working really hard to kick that habit. The hard part for me is that I love cold drinks and carbonation- so coffee and tea are out for me. I first tried kombucha earlier this year, and loved both the health benefits and the carbonation in the drink.

Brew Dr Kombucha

So I was super excited to try Brew Dr. Kombucha because it’s a 100% raw, probiotic kombucha that doesn’t have too strong of a flavor. I sampled both the Clear Mind and Herbal Uplift flavors- and I definitely liked both, although the Clear Mind has a bit sweeter taste than the Herbal Uplift so I liked it better. Plus- who doesn’t need a clear mind on travel day?

Packing Healthy Travel Snacks For Your Family Trip

Once breakfast is out of the way, I’m definitely thinking about snacks for the airplane. I take a lot of them- especially when we travel internationally because we generally have long flights and short layovers. I look for snacks that are filling, packed with protein, lightweight, and take a long time to eat. (Right?)

Make Ahead Microwave Popcorn

I like to pack snacks that I love- which is where JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Popcorn enters the equation. Popcorn is my all time favorite food- I can eat it anywhere, anytime and at a ridiculously rapid pace. (No really, I should video this sometime, actually.) I love to pop up a bag of microwave popcorn and put it in a big ziplock bag for sharing (or not) but I am picky about my popcorn. I want it to taste delicious- with just the right amount of butter and salt. A lot of light microwave popcorn tastes fake, and the full calorie stuff means greasy butter- a mess for travel situations and young children.

Delicious Popcorn Snack for Family Trip

The JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Popcorn has only four ingredients- butter, sea salt, popcorn and oil- and only 38 calories per popped cup. I popped a bag up and ate about half of it hot (no judging!) and then the rest of it sat on the counter for most of the day as I completed shooting the photos for this post. This popcorn was still delicious cold- which means it’s going to be a new staple in our household!

Protein Packed Chickpea Snacks

Another part of a long travel day is keeping enough protein in our systems- which is why I loved trying the Sprout® Organic Crinklez. These are perfect for the whole family- from a baby’s first food to adults (my husband couldn’t keep his hands out of the bowl while I was taking the pictures!) because they are completely plant powered. We tried both the Cheesy Spinach and  Pumpkin Carrot flavors and they were awesome. Plus, they come in resealable bags which make them so easy to have on hand during a family trip.

Healthy Chickpea Snacks for Kids

Granola Bars

I’m a huge fan of granola bars for travel because they are almost impossible to smash or destroy in the frenzy of packing and carrying around my travel bag. Plus, bars are individually packaged so they are easy to pass around a car or plane, and they are filling. What I don’t always like about bars is that they tend to be super processed and filled with sugar. That’s not the case with JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars– created by a father and son looking to minimize the number of ingredients in granola bars. That means no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives- and only 6 grams of sugar per bar.

Best Granola Bars For Travel

My girls loved eating the granola bars- they kept sneaking them until I finally had to put them up so we would have enough left to take on the family trip! Of course, then I went ahead and stole one on my way out the dorr ro Zumba and not only was it delicious, it was just the right size to keep me full between meals. You can purchase the bars on Amazon too!

Afternoon Coffee

Even when we are traveling, my husband does not give up his Costa Rican tradition of an afternoon cup of coffee. Since he is lactose intolerant, I don’t always have a ton of options when packing his creamer. I was thrilled to discover nutpods Dairy Free Creamer- it’s packaged in 11.2 ounce cartons and stored at room temperature. So while I can’t take it on the airplane, it’s perfect for a road trip- and for everyday.

Dairy Free Coffee Creamer

We tried the Original, French Vanilla and Hazelnut- and we liked them all. I used the French Vanilla as a fun addition to my oatmeal breakfast (link) and my husband liked that he had a variety of sweetness levels throughout the flavors. And of course, I just love that these are carrageenan free. You can have them shipped to your house, and BabbleBoxx is offering a coupon special- Use code BABBLE20 to receive 20% your purchase on– which is valid from March 12th – April 12th, 2018. Limited to one use per customer. The code is case sensitive.

And that’s it! A fun family travel roundup of healthy travel snacks for the whole family- just in time for National Nutrition Month. Which one will you try first?

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Healthy Airplane Travel Snacks


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