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If you are raising bilingual kids, make sure not to miss out on Feppy Box- a bilingual monthly subscription box that supports kids learning two languages at the same time.

Most parents know- bilingual is better! We also know that bilingual is not always easier when you are in the thick of raising bilingual kids.

It can feel like one language dominates the other, or you can’t find resources that support both languages or your village is just too small.

I’m mostly always thinking about the long game- how bilingual children benefit from cross-cultural friendships with monolingual peers, how they have a huge upper hand in the business world as adults, and amazing empathy for how others see the world.

But sometimes, I just wish someone would hand me a resource that works- residually. I want to accumulate awesome resources in Spanish and English for my kids to encourage love of learning and independence.

That’s why I’m excited to share Feppy Box with you today. It’s a bilingual subscription box that supports families raising kids in two languages- whatever model that might look like.

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About Feppy Box

Feppy Box was created by bilingual mom and businesswoman Ronit Shiro in order to support families raising bilingual children. It’s a monthly subscription box containing original, high-quality resources in English and Spanish to support parents as they instill two languages at home.

At her core, Ronit believes that the best way to make sure our world is a better place is to understand other people’s point of view- and bilingual kids do that inherently because they are always thinking about things in two ways.

Plus, kids learn the best when they are happy and having fun! That’s how Feppy Box was born. The name is a combination of feliz and happy- giving equal weight to both English and Spanish from the very top of her business model.

The Feppy box team is made up of 10 highly qualified and engaged members from across Latin America. Illustrators, music producer, bilingual education experts, and product managers all come together to create the monthly experience that is Feppy Box.

What’s In Each Box

Each beautifully branded Feppy box includes the following resources:

  • An original bilingual book with a story that targets the month’s vocabulary
  • Full color printed instruction booklet outlining the month’s theme, the three activities (read, listen and play), and extra extension ideas you can do with your kids
  • A QR code that scans to an original song for the month
  • A game
  • A sticker for the Feppy journey poster (poster included in welcome box)
  • A sticker matching activity sheet and mini-book
  • A lot of FEPPY fun!

Why Feppy Box Is So Great

I’ve had the chance to fully review three Feppy boxes with my kids, and I am thrilled with the resource. Here are a few reasons why:


From the very first time you open a Feppy Box, you can expect to ineract with both Spanish and English in a variety of ways. There are stickers, games and activities that last hours.

I love love LOVE the QR code that takes you to an original song for the month. It’s on the same page as the song lyrics are printed, and I can open the song right in Spotify (or another music player of your choice) to make a playlist we can listen to over and over as we progress through the Feppy program. The songs were produced by a Grammy-nominated producer and incorporate rhythms from both the US and Latin America.

The stickers are a huge plus- they help little fingers manipulate new textures and sizes, and older kids can start to match words as a pre-reading activity.

The games each month are awesome too- one month we painted and put together a wooden body parts puzzle. Another month included a super high-quality memory game in Spanish and English. My younger daughter loved painting and decorating a drum too. All five senses are involved in each box!

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Original Bilingual Content

Most all of the Spanish subscription boxes I have reviewed are helping kids to learn Spanish. Feppy box is the first one I have come across that exposes kids to both English and Spanish.

Each box has a beautifully designed and illustrated book in English and Spanish- the text is in both languages but the illustrations on each facing page are different. This gives each book a nice visual continuity- especially for non-readers.

I also love that the bilingual stories, songs and activities mean anyone can engage with the material. I get a lot of questions about resources for bilingual kids from families who use the One Parent One Language bilingual parenting strategy where only one parent speaks Spanish. Often the monolingual parent feels left out of Spanish time. Feppy box brings the family together for bilingual time where everyone can learn something new!

This also means that monolingual caregivers can do the activities with children- especially helpful when kids want to listen to songs or read the books over and over and over (and over!) again. And- when kids don’t want to speak one language or the other (rebellion is a real thing!) you can take the pressure off by using both language and keeping bilingual family time light, fun, and no pressure.

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Feppy sibling box- 2 of each activity for siblings. I adore this concept.

Sibling Box

Ronit was super thoughtful when she designed the Feppy Box Siblings product. For all of us with more than one kid it can get expensive fast to buy double of everything. But it’s no fun when kids have to share one set of sticker books and paints.

To that end, for just a little bit more money your Feppy Box will come with two sets of activities in the same box. This is more environmentally friendly, which I LOVE, and means everyone can share the excitement when the box arrives.

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Who Benefits From Feppy Box?

Feppy bilingual subscription box for kids is really designed for ages 3-6. It covers pre-readers and emerging readers. The songs are perfect for those ages too.

My older daughter is fully reading though, and the books were interesting to her so that she could look at the books and see the Spanish right next to the English. That really helped boost her Spanish reading skills as her English reading is taking off a lot faster because she goes to school in English.

For the memory game, the images are the same so that young children can learn to recognize same and different, but the cards had the words printed in both languages. This was good vocab recall even for my older daughter, and I bet it would be fun for monolingual parents (or even grandparents!) to learn basic vocabulary in their non-fluent language.

Where To Get Feppy Box

Make sure you purchase your Feppy box subscription on FeppyBox.com A few notes:

  1. You do not have a contract- you can try a box and then if it doesn’t work for you, you are not stuck for the year
  2. You can prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months and then get a discount. This is a good way to send this product as a gift too.
  3. The siblings box is a separate product, so make sure that if you want that one, you choose that at checkout.

Also follow Feppy Box on Facebook and Instagram @FeppyBox!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Feppy Box. All opinions are my own!

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