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Our family has a serious case of wanderlust- and we aren’t afraid to admit it! Both of our girls had left the country for the first time before they were three months old, and we haven’t stopped yet!


Big Sister took her first steps at the Basilica in Santo Domingo, and Little Sister rode her first rollercoaster at 3 at Disneyland. My husband and I fulfilled our dream of visiting Mexico City, and I recently explored Finland on a press trip sponsored by FinnAir.


As a family- we recently we mushed Husky Dogs in Colorado, and we love a good Denver staycation.


You can see this decade’s bucket list here– and you can bet we’d love to work with you on a press trip.


Whether it’s traveling to see our family in Costa Rica, exploring the USA one state at a time, or simply reviewing the best that Denver and Colorado have to offer, here are some of our all-time top travel posts (in no particular order):