Eco Glide Arenal Family Travel Review

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This zip line tour in the rainforest of La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano is perfect for families visiting Costa Rica with kids!

About Ziplining in Costa Rica

If you aren’t familiar with a zip line, it is essentially a long steel cable that runs between two trees. Using a carabiner you clip onto the cable with a harness around your waist. You’ll zip across the space between two trees- sometimes at heights of 300 feet or more.

Each time you cross the canopy’s zip lines you will need to brake before the end of the line so that you don’t hit the tree. This is done by using a heavy leather work glove fitted with a braking system that riders use to slow down or stop.

As for timing, the way it works is that a group of people form a line at the first platform. Two guides go-ahead to “receive” the first tourists. One tourist will go and clip into the next platform, and then a guide will go ahead of that person, and so forth. There are usually only about 3-4 people on a platform at a time.

One of the favorite parts about the zip line tour (also called canopy tour in Costa Rica) is the ability to be above the trees in the rainforest, giving a unique view of the trees from the top down. With the zip line guides, you are almost guaranteed to see different species of birds and insects they often point out between the zip line rides.

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Why Eco Glide Costa Rica?

Eco Glide zip line is my top ziplining location in Costa Rica. It’s super safe for families and affordable. Let’s talk more about this.

First of all, Eco Glide Canopy Tour is open to families with children ages 4 and up. Children under 4 are generally not able to go on the lines because they don’t weigh enough. Make sure if you have a small 4-year-old you let Eco Glide know before you pay.

Eco Glide is 100% Costa Rican-owned and operated, so that means a focus on family. The entire tour is set up for families of all ages to participate.

At the beginning of each tour, you will find a small canopy line that everyone tests out to make sure their gear is working and they feel comfortable with the tour. I love this because kids have the chance to try the zip lines before they go up high- some kids don’t like it and you can bail out before you get way to the top and there is no way to get back to the base again.

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Additionally, at Eco Glide, kids go with their own personal guide through the trees. This is in case the kids have trouble braking or get stuck in the middle because they are too light or too scared to go at full velocity across the cables. We have found the guides taking our kids across the lines to be highly professional and to make our kids feel really comfortable.

Another safety feature that I love about Eco Glide is how often they change out their equipment. The way that you brake is with a leather glove, and if it’s not in good shape, you can burn your hand on the cable really bad- and run the risk of not braking.

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Eco Glide changes out their gloves very frequently to prevent this from happening, which I think is awesome because I have been to lots of other places that don’t do this.

Finally, Eco Glide is not just zip lines. They have a big Tarzan Swing where you can swing through the trees from a platform. My kids loved it, and it’s a unique experience to this company. This does cost an additional fee, however.

You can also do a birdwatching hike tour and a night tour through the rain forest as a combo package along with the zip line. This gives you closer contact with nature without having to go to a different place. I haven’t done this before, but the guides there have always been excellent, so I can imagine the same would be true for the hiking tours.

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Location – Getting There And Away

It’s super easy to get to Eco Glide if you have a rental car. It’s only about 10 minutes outside of La Fortuna City center.

To get there, just take the main road out of La Fortuna towards the Arenal Volcano. About 1 km after the Magic Mountain Hotel you will see a sign on the lefthand side for the turnoff for Ecoglide park. You drive just a few meters towards the parking lot and park there. The ticket office is right at the entrance, although I suggest you make a reservation as opposed to just showing up to the canopy tour and hoping there is space.

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Your best bet is to book right through Eco Glide Park because they have the best rates. It’s better than going through a third party as everyone at Eco Glide speaks English, and it’s super easy to get to.

Rates as of publishing are $52 per person and $78 with the Tarzan Swing.

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What To Bring

I like to travel light when going to a canopy tour because I don’t want anything to fall into the forest while I’m zipping through the trees.

I take with me a cell phone in a waterproof neck holder. Sunscreen. Bug spray. Light clothing.

If it is raining, you will still zip line. Quite frankly, you can wear a rain jacket or a poncho, but if it’s raining when you go, just be ready to get soaked and to change into dry clothes at the end.

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After ziplining in a rainstorm

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