Diapers For Those In Need- Huggies and Vizient

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No Baby Unhugged Diaper Donation Info

When we bring new life in to the world- there are often so many things we see as “necessities” for a new baby. I was definitely guilty of stocking up on tons of “essentials” for my oldest when she was born- I had an endless number of sheets, towels, clothing and medical supplies to help her transition into the world. And of course, the baby shower we had for her resulted in countless number of diapers.

No Baby Unhugged Diaper Donation Info

I was lucky. Not only did I have an awesome community of friends, family and coworkers who gifted us with all kinds of presents for our baby, but more importantly, I had the economic means to make sure that my baby always had diapers to cover her little bum.

Huggies Donates Diapers in Denver

Not every U.S. family has enough diapers for their babies- in fact, Huggies commissioned a study in 2010 that found that one out of every three U.S. families suffers from diaper need. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to not have diapers- it would be a huge source of stress in the midst of welcoming a new baby to the world.

Catholic Charities Receives 10,000 Diapers fro Huggies and Vizient

Mark Hahn, right, of Catholic Charities of Denver, and Nhung Nielsen, a volunteer, stack boxes of Huggies diapers at a Bottom Line Diaper Bank location in Denver. Vizient’s and Huggies 10,000 diaper donation will help provide low-income families in the area with needed diapers for infants and toddlers.

Luckily, both Huggies and Vizient, (the largest member driven health care company in the US) are dedicated not only to lowering health care costs for Vizient members, but also to helping those in need. This past week in Denver, in honor of Vizient’s annual Clinical Connections Summit that took place September 13-14, Huggies and Vizient donated 10,000 diapers to the Bottom Line Diaper Bank, which currently provides diapers to the 1 in 5 children under ager 3 in Colorado who live below the federal poverty line.

Vizient Donates Diapers In Denver

Kathryn Nygaard, Bottom Line Diaper Bank liaison for Catholic Charities of Denver, takes boxes of Huggies diapers from Mark Hahn of Catholic Charities of Denver after receiving a 10,000 diaper donation on Sept. 15 from the Vizient Clinical Connections Summit and Huggies held in downtown Denver.

The diapers arrived at All Saints Catholic Church in Denver in conjunction with Huggies- the founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN).  Over the past six year, NDBN and has donated more than 200 million diapers and wipes, helping families in need as part of the No Baby Unhugged initiative. If you would like to donate additional diapers, visit the Bottom Line Diaper Bank or the National Diaper Bank Network– both will even shop for you and set up a recurring donation in your name.

Diapers Arrive in Denver from Huggies and Vizient

Mark Hahn stacks boxes of Huggies diapers totaling 900 lbs at its Bottom Line Diaper Bank in Denver after the Vizient Clinical Connections Summit and Huggies donated 10,000 diapers for families in need.

For more information on these programs, and to donate additional diapers, please visit the following links- and don’t forget to share this post to spread the word!

Bottom Line Diaper Bank      National Diaper Bank Network      Huggies No Baby Unhugged

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