Visit Costa Rica’s Oldest Tree

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Just minutes from Bijuaga and the Blue River Waterfall (Rio Celeste) you can visit Costa Rica’s oldest tree -a ceiba tree.

When the girls were a bit smaller we headed about 90 minutes north of La Fortuna to an area of the country called Bijauga. It’s most well known for the Rio Celeste, a waterfall that has become increasingly famous since the birth of Instagram.

The Blue River Waterfall is located in Rio Celeste National Park, and is a delightful hike ending at a gorgeous waterfall.

Waterfall cascading into blue river.

But there’s another hidden local landmark just outside the entrance to the national park- it’s the oldest tree in Costa Rica.

Over 500 years old, this gorgeous tree is over 190 feet tall, and you can just walk up to it and give it a hug if you want. 😂

The Ceiba tree is native to Mexico and Central America. It’s from the family Malvaceae and is also known as the Kapok tree. The leaves are at the top, and if I were to describe it to someone I’d say it would be the perfect tree to scratch your initials into. (Please don’t do that here!)

We visited with the girls and walked all around it, but the most fun surprise was all of the blue jeans frogs (also known as poison dart frogs) right around the tree. Our guide was able to catch them and let us look closely at them while he held them, but you really wouldn’t need a guide to see them.

To get to the ceiba tree just ask anyone at the entrance to the national park how to get there and they will point you in the right direction. Once you are on the road, it will be on the left. You can’t miss it- it’s so big!

To visit the Ceiba Tree and the Blue River waterfall, we stay at some local places in the area. We have stayed at the Casitas Tenorio bed and breakfast. We have also loved the La Carolina Lodge and farm. You can also make this a day trip from La Fortuna, which is what a lot of families I meet through my consulting calls do.

Want to know more hidden gems in Costa Rica? You can ask me anything! Just click here for more information and we can jump on the phone!

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  1. Proud to be a Costa Rican. We just moved back here after 25 years in the USA. My wife inherited a farm in Sarapiquí. There is a Ceibo tree also. Probably around 300-400 years old. It’s simply beautiful…