Caring for Dehydrated Children When They Are Sick

One of the hardest things about being a parent is knowing what to do when your kids are sick. I remember so vividly my first pediatrician visit with my oldest- she was a newborn and I had no idea what to do. Over the years, we have learned a lot more about what to keep on hand in case our girls are sick and we find ourselves with dehydrated children.

Caring for Dehydrated Children

Dehydrated Children- How To Tell

Dehydration in children can stem from many issues- illness, after exercise, as a result of diarrhea and vomiting. (Check out this article on how to tell if your child is dehydrated.) It can be hard to run out to the pharmacy or grocery store when my girls are showing signs of dehydration due to illness- here’s a list of things we keep in our medicine cabinet for when we have dehydrated children.

Tips To Cure Toddler Dehydration

Dehydrated Children- What to Keep On Hand

  • Enfamil® Enfalyte®
  • Soda crackers (saltine crackers) and/or toast
  • Sippy cup or cup with straw
  • Your pediatrician’s number

Dehydration in Toddlers

Water and juice just don’t always cut it when my children are dehydrated- they need electrolytes to help restore hydration to their bodies, just like we do as adults. I keep Enfalyte on hand because it tastes great, and is flavored with natural flavors- and there’s no artificial dyes.

Electrolyte Solution for Dehydrated Children

Serving Enfalyte

I serve the Enfalyte to help restore hydration in children at room temperature and either in a sippy cup or in a regular cup with a straw. I make sure my children don’t drink too fast and upset their tummies even more. It’s so important to get our kids hydrated and then help them stay hydrated- here are some helpful tips for maintaining hydration in young children. I also love that Enfalyte is a completely clear solution- of course the makers of the #1 brand of infant formula also made a superb product for helping children stay hydrated too!

Dehydrated Children Due To Illness

Feeding Dehydrated Children

Upset tummies are hard to handle, and a lot of times my kids have trouble distinguishing between actual hunger and another round of diarrhea and vomiting- so when they start to get hungry I like to stick with bland foods. Of course you should always check with your pediatrician if you are unsure how dehydrated your child is- but I do offer soda crackers or bland toast when my girls start to get hungry. I wait about 30 minutes to see if everything stays inside- and if so, I feel comfortable offering more liquid and bland foods at a slow pace.

Last Tips

Finally- tummy bugs can mean cranky children, but it can also means lots of time to relax and snuggle. Don’t forget the importance of rest, reassurance, and lots of hugs and kisses. For more information on the Enfalyte products hospitals have trusted for over 25 years (available in both Mixed Fruit and Cherry Splash flavors) you can visit the Enfalyte product page in English o apreta aquí para más información específica en español acerca de los productos de Enfaltye.

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Caring for Dehydrated Children at Home

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This is sponsored by Enfamil® Enfalyte® Oral Electrolyte Solution.

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